Monday, March 10, 2008

Star Lounge Wants Some Monday Love

Sorry to interrupt the Spitzer lovefest, but apparently there is a new party that is getting underway tonight. A Facebook promoter just sent out an email blast, saying

Sorry for the late invite, but tonight (Monday) I will be @ Star Lounge ( 23rd St bet 7-8th ave @ the bottom of the Chelsea Hotel) this is a new party and its amazing, its strictly New York nothing but elegance and style, everyone needs to check this out.
We have withheld any names from this, since we know how everyone feels about that.

But what is it about Monday's that gets everyone's juices flowing? You now have Butter, Johnny Utah's, Upstairs, and newcomer Star Lounge all fighting for your early week dollars. But can anyone tell us what really is the best way to make yourself hungover with 4 more work days to go? We bet YOU can.


Anonymous said...

star room isn't even close to those other 3 parties on a monday

Anonymous said...

"Butter" is like the NWA of Monday Night Parties, The O.G. if you will. "Utah's" and "Upstairs" are like Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre.. "Star Rm"? More like Vanilla Ice...

The Bookmaker..