Monday, March 10, 2008

Introducing Outalot

We would like to call to your attention a neat new service called Outalot, which allows for easy searching and mapping of restaurants, bars and various other items by category or neighborhood in a social networking sorta way. According to the intro email:

Outalot is a location-based guide, available now for just New York City, that makes it easy for users to find nearby restaurants, bars, and movie theaters. It's available online, on iPhones, and on other mobile phones.

You can rate, comment, and tag places in Outalot. You can also "bookmark" favorite places around town and share them with your friends. Think of the service as social bookmarking, but for physical places rather than URLs.
After a few test runs, it seems they still don't have every single listing in Manhattan, but they are working out the kinks. Happy searching.