Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DBTH Business Opportunities

Quick note. Down By The Hipster has recently joined the Blog Ads Network. For advertising opportunities, click that fancy link at the top right of the screen or here to learn more.

That is all.


abbe diaz said...

ooooooh what a bargain! hahaa for now anyways, yah ?

hey do yalls remember like way back in the day when Gawker was only about 100 bucks a week (or some shit) for a two line link?

i'd bought a few weeks worth, and then like a little whiles later, some article came out in the NY Times, it was "Diary of a Hosebag" or whatever ? and it was all about karim-amatullah and his uppity cunty doorgirl ??

anyways, right away, Gawker's choire-sicha declared it "the bestest thing he's ever read everrrr!!"

and i was all: "uhh hello ? i got about 500 pages worth of shit a thousand times better than that crap" (naomi, star-jones, and chelsea-clinton ? please bitch) and i got a return e-mail from choire-sicha saying something like "oh! my bad! but we don't really pay attention to our advertisers..."
swear to gawd.

anyhoo-- to make a stupid story short, later ons i heard a rumor from a book editor pal of mine that choire-sicha was actually friendly with that Hue (aha haa didja catch that? HUE for fuck's sake) ho-stess, and the only reason that young 20something ho with absolutely no prior writing experience at all managed to even get her story pitched to the Times in the first place was cuz choire-sicha was boinking frank-bruni at the time.

that's some crazy shit right ??

whatever. i'm just sayin.

abbe diaz
PX This.

p.s. $30 bucks a week ? i'll think about it. seriously.

abbe diaz said...

oh yah. and do i even have to mention how utterly FUCKFACEY Gawker was to me, subsequently ?

and now that all the mean ones are gone, nick-dento is totally sweating me.

i'm just sayin.
cuz y'know-- that's what happens when you get me started ahhahahahaa

bye !

abbe said...

ooops i meant to say denton but i think i like "dento" better !

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