Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Getting In: Submercer vs Rosebar

The return of Submercer, the private lounge beneath the Mercer Hotel, downtown has yet another impossible door. How impossible? Well, the Grub Streeters tried to get a reservation and received this response:

Thank you for your interest in the subMercer. Due to limited capacity, the subMercer is reservations only. Kindly let us know the time and date of your requested reservation, the number of people you wish to bring, your full contact information, and your relationship to the subMercer. Unfortunately we are not always able to accommodate requests, but we will notify you within 24 hours if it is possible to confirm your desired reservation.

Thank you
We aren't sure how anyone is related to a lounge, but it seems fair enough. But what strikes us is that this simple response goes way beyond what the reservationists at Ian Schrager's Rose Bar offer up. We can't tell you how many emails we get, begging us on tips to get inside the Gramercy Hotel's lounge, including this oldie but goody:
Any tips on scoring a reservation at rose bar? They never seem to respond to emails.
See, Submercer isn't that tough - at least they give you a fighting chance to make your case. If you haven't gotten inside Rose Bar, chances are, you just won't.


astralgirl01 said...

I can tell you from experience, Rose Bar/Syndicate has their email request system on a screener... if you email isn't in their database to begin with (or on the invited list), you're done from the get-go. In order to have my emails responded to, I had to pester the Syndicate folks to add my email to their computer system....

RE: Submercer... it is all about who you know who works for either the bar or the parent company, plain and simple. If you come up empty there, you better hope that you were able to get into Beatrice, because Simonez is now doing the door at Submercer.

Anonymous said...

theres phone numbers for both...that are much more reliable then e-mail...text text text

Anonymous said...

astralgirl, you anonymous vixen, you are so the coolest.

Anonymous said...

astralgirl that is not true. Simonez was doing the door for his friends who own Radar Entertainment that night. He doesn't work there.

Anonymous said...

Since beatrice, rose, submercer, 1oak, etc are my regular watering holes, I'll offer this up: the only way to consistently get in to to know the staff, the managers, the doormen, and everyone inside. seeing as these places are tiny and packed with the same circles, not sure why random people want to party there anyway. the best thing about these bars is that its constantly packed with friends

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:58

How can submercer be your regular watering hole, since it just opened two weeks ago on a sporadic basis?

Anonymous said...

thats a good point. the place just opened. what are you trying to say?

you need to clear these things with us first dude.. you're better than that.