Monday, March 03, 2008

Beatrice Goes Atlantic City

In a stunning move, the owners of the soon to open Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City have tapped Paul Sevigny and Matt Abramcyk of the Beatrice Inn to oversee the nightlife operations at what they have dubbed "The Fifth Floor". If the parties can come to terms, the downtown duo will be "booking D.J.s, making a menu of specialty cocktails and bringing 'a vibe'," [EN: Heh], while also being asked to bring some of their celebrity friends. The Chelsea is certainly reaching for the gold ring, but will bringing the operators from the downtown club bring hipster success to AC? Opinions vary, from "of course" (Chelsea Hotel Owners), "Maybe but it's not really hip because they are duplicating their flagship" (AC Expert) to "It will be successful, but only on the weekends" (Hotel Expert).

So what do we think? Well, when Allen asked us to comment, we responded that while Atlantic City is certainly headed in the right direction, there is just too much competition to bring it to the pinnacle of the hipster mountain. Even more important, if the Chelsea ever wants to see a return on their investment, their plans better be more developed than getting hipsters to come and drink. These guys need a dynamite hotel product, excellent service, and a way to get bodies into the beach town's only new hotel that lacks gaming all 12 months of the year.

Unfortunately, our quotes weren't used. Too bad for us. But maybe we could've helped get the reporter past the Beatrice's bouncers.

· Soho Meets HoJo in Atlantic City [NY Times]