Friday, March 21, 2008

The Beginning of the Beginning

Hey everyone. DBTH here. Yesterday was a pretty exciting day around these parts. You probably didn't read it, but we happen to get a little bit of publicity that wasn't really expected. In fact it was pretty much out of left field. But then again, so is the writer, Ben Leventhal. That's him up there, with his partner, Lockhart Steele (real name). And together they manage the Curbed/Eater empire. Not a bad gig.

It was just last Thursday that we were all invited guests for the opening of the Rusty Knot. We even spent some QT together, buying Lock a beer and watching his murse for hours. But while we enjoyed ourselves, Lil BL secretly seethed, desperate to know why anyone dared challenge his authority as the ultimate insider. But the anger and fear is justified. Sitting in that lonely FiDi apartment, seeing Grub Street, Guest of a Guest, and just about everyone else with access to the internet scoop him must drive him batty. Pinkberry, Momofuku and Shake Shack couldn't open enough locations to keep him on the inside. Frank Bruni only only takes him on review dinners every so often. So what is he to do?

There was just one solution. Kill the threat. So BenBen dropped the froyo coverage for a bit and became an infantile gossip to out us - hoping the publicity would make us go away. He then let us know:

"for what it's worth, steele and i worked this one together, which is to say that it wasn't done willy-nilly."
Well that's a relief. And you know we love teamwork. He then followed with some of the wisest words ever typed:
"anyway, it what it is. i just gave you more explanation that any one else gets, because you're a friend. don't do the blog if you can't be the guy."
That's so sweet of you. Really we're touched.

And to think, this is just a hobby. A labor of love if you will. No book deals and no JV's. We never ask for anything and don't get paid. We work hard to bring you this site and think we do a pretty good job. Traffic is growing (see graph), we found a great new contributor, and contrary to Ben's worthless opinion, no one here has tired of the grind. Usually that happens after 3 years, right buddy?

We're just gonna keep on plugging away, one post at a time. That's how we do.

Have a great weekend,


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Subway Philosophy said...

DBTH is so mature. I think what he means is: You are such a dick.

But I'm just speculating.

abbe diaz said...

eeheee heee hee hahah ahhahaaa ahem sorry


that's hott.

(sort of.)

abbe diaz
PX This.

M said...

I think your site is fantastic. Please don't fade. The best days are yet to come.

Anonymous said...

word! f**k eater. those two are turds and leventhal is a child. keep up the good work dbth!

Anonymous said...

As someone who did restaurant PR for a few big names, BL and Restaurant Girl always wanted their meals comped. Cutlets, not so much, but he would get vicious for a scoop. Never saw either with you.

astralgirl01 said...

Awww man, Eater shoud stick to what they know: opening their pie holes and coming out with all sorts of unimportant and irrelevant shit.

DBTH, sorry you were outed, but maybe it's time for you to step up to the spotlighted big time!

Allison said...

Ben Leventhal sucks.

cmd said...

Absurd. Regardless, in terms of actually having access to timely information I really haven't found a source comparative to DBTH - a veritable compendium of what I should be doing and where with my evenings in the city. I imagine most contributors are also avid readers, hence the cycle perpetuates itself continuing to competitively differentiate the site from it's nearest competitors.

- Colin

Anonymous said...

Eater has been officially DEATHWATCHED !!! Congrats...

Anonymous said...

even more reason for me to boycott eater, the subpar restaurant gossip site.

my loyalty is with you, dbth. BL is smug (for reasons unknown) and way intimidated by your cool factor. he HAS to write a blog in order to get into places/feel relevant/get boys to like him.