Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mr. Lewis Explains Kristen

Goodnight Mr. Lewis is quickly becoming the greatest thing that has ever happened to DBTH in our entire lives. It turns out that maybe he sorta kinda possibly knew Spitzer's lady of the night, but his friend's sure did. Let's let Steve explain:

It's 3 am, I'm in a club and a friend of mine is having a text message marathon with none other than Ashley Alexandra Dupre' our ex-Governor's special friend. "You know her, " I was told a couple dozen times, but I really can't remember... Everybody was talking Ashley last night. What is true and what is false, I cannot say for sure, but here's what I heard...

Michael James, 3 Pink Vodka and Sodas in to my conversation with him made me swear to keep his name out of this , so I will. A shortish, always tanned girl with a killer body, she was always rolling with ballers and always talking about her career in music. Indeed one doorman said the last couple times he had seen her she was rolling with P Diddy's crew. Friends who had "been" there said it all makes sense now, that apartment at the Landmark on 6th Ave., the trip to St. Tropez this summer, the vacations by private jet. She was shacked up with someone else famous this past summer. Two different people chuckled, but wouldn't give me more. There was that someone else in St. Tropez on a boat, I guess the one in the photo.
Part of P. Diddy and the Governor's crew. Talk about ballin. And we love the Steve wouldn't sell out, keeping it for the site to keep his JoonBug overlords happy. Onward.

· One Degree of Separation [GNML]


Anonymous said...

God, Steve Lewis seems like a douche. The guy's blog is like a how to lesson in douchetry.

Anonymous said...

steve lewis is more a turd sandwich than a giant douche.

Anonymous said...

that hook is smoking hot. i heard her song was the #1 requested song on z100 today and she has been offered the cover of penthouse.