Friday, March 21, 2008

An Evening At: Submercer

Ah Submercer. We missed you buddy. In the door, past Simonez, down the elevator, down the hall, make a left, through the door, in the door on the right, down the hall, and through the door. Got it? Good. Walk inside and there you have it. Submercer.

It's still small, it's still smoky, and it's still fun. That's right. Fun. The night was a celebration of Radar Entertainment's merger with Plug, and celebrate we did. Albert Hammond Jr.(the Strokes - Duh) manned the music for the early part of the evening, mixing in classic rock, 80's dance, and 60's soul expertly. No BS, everyone was having a great time. Drinks, dancing, cigarettes, whatever. It was good.

So it's back. Submercer is back. But good luck getting in. This door is guaranteed to be tough.

PS - Astragirl - there is your Submercer post. Sometimes you just have to be patient.


astralgirl01 said...

Ah, but you knew I had faith in you, DBTH. That's the only reason I lectured like a parent :)

And I was at that jammy at SubMercer... I wonder if I spied the elusive DBTH... hmmm?!?!?

Go Nightly said...

well well well.

Anonymous said...

eat that eater