Thursday, January 31, 2008

Flyer Follies: Tiki Gets in on the Fun

Let's give it up for NBC's Tiki Barber. After spending 15 years playing high level football, he retires and joins NBC to showcase his on-air "talent". Then his old team makes it to the Super Bowl without him. Some people would be upset. Not Tiki? This man lends his name to a pre-Bowl party sponsored by Tenjune. Good for you Tiki. Good for you.

The Stereo Is Off

According to our buddies at Page Six, Stereo is no more. We can't say we are too sad, our experiences there have been mixed, and in terms of business, the place wasn't all that successful. Crowded yes, but just not that profitable. According to the Sixers, "Club trademark owner Michael Satsky and partner Brian Gefter split from other club part ners and are close to leasing a downtown space for a new venue this year." Probably a good move on their part. These guys are ready to step out on their own and make a go of it. But the real question is: where is there to go? As we have been saying for a while, the place to be is NoChiTo, the little no man's land of space below Nolita and west of Chinatown. You may have heard about some other major players setting up there, and we expect Iron Mike and BG to head down there as well.

An Evening At: Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home. The name says it all. Or does it? Descend down an unmarked staircase on Chrystie Street, just a stone's throw from the Cube, and speak to the dude collecting cash outside the door. The party tonight is $5, and everyone is paying. We're not special. Open the door and survey the scene: low ceiling, taxidermy scattered this way and that, hipster bartenders, and Suicide looking Girls writhing this way and that. OK. The room is wide, then very narrow, then wide in the back. Dumb bell steez. While the music was outstanding and the bartenders attentive, the night just never got going. With just a few couches scattered every which way, it was difficult to find a home base, and in a small room, that's a problem. Its ok, though. These things happen. We stayed for a bit more but realized it wasn't the night, and headed for the door. When we left in the wee hours of the morning, there was a line 15 deep waiting to get in, all of em just looking for a home.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flyer Follies: More Superbowl Fun

You mean you still haven't booked your Super Bowl trip? Well, here are some more events for you, including the oh so exclusive Team Strahan postgame bash. Something tells us Mr. Brady isn't planning a public bash.

Bringing the Fun Through the Tunnel

The Bridge and Tunnel sect sure do love the Manhattan nightlife. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they invade the island looking for a good time. On the one hand, it's good for our local economy. On the other hand, well . . . You know the drill. Some folks are trying to upset that balance. It seems that Mark, Eugene and the whole EM Group are looking to invade New Jersey! Hoboken to be exact. The Houston's loving crew will be creating a new nightlife venue at the soon to be completed W Hoboken. We don't know many details as of yet, but you can imagine they would include some great outdoor space and of course, those killer Manhattan views that the Bo is famous for. Just another demonstration of why it's so important to know your customer base and cater to their need. If your NYC venues are at capacity every weekend, why not open a second venue closer to home. Look for this one to open this winter a bit after the rest of the hotel.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Quick Hits: Death and Co.

Time for a super fast edition of Quick Hits, where we tell you something oh so quickly.
A very special Little Birdy tells us some news from the bowels of the East Village, saying, "after dinner, when my friends and I couldn't get any seats at PDT, we headed over to Death and Co. around midnight. They were already closed, the doors were locked and there was nobody there." Thanks VSLB. Death & Co.'s troubles with the neighborhood and the SLA are well documented. We certainly wish them the best and hope they are able to stay open.

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Ultimate Super Bowl Trip

So you want to go to the Super Bowl but don't have tickets. Not a problem. Your old pals at DBTH have your solution. We asked our good friends at In the Know Travel to put together the ultimate Super Bowl Package, and we have to say they came through with flying colors. Let's break it down on a day by day basis and see how it looks.

Thursday January 31st
· Check into your own private 5500 square foot Villa at the five star Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa, featuring 4 four bedrooms, four baths, gourmet kitchen, billiards lounge, stereo system, and a plush living area open onto a deck to enjoy the glorious sunsets and mountain views. Don't forget the hot tub either.
· Hit the 944 Mag Village/50 Cent/Paris Hilton extravaganza at the Scottsdale Waterfront at Stetson Canal - VIP style of course.

Friday February 1
· Leather and Laces Ball with Carmen Electra, Katherine Bell, and Roselyn Sanchez. Don't forget about the entertainment by Sugar Ray featuring Mark McGrath, Various DJs, the Girls from Deal or No Deal and Special Performances by Cirque du Soleil. Not too fing shabby.

Saturday February 2
· It's not all parties and glam. May as well fit in 18 holes while you are in the desert, and the best way to do that is at the NFL Charities Celebrity Golf Classic at the Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa.

Sunday February 3
· Sunday. Game Day. You may as well come correct because you don't know when you will have this chance again. What do we have on tap? The ultimate package for any football fan. Start off with three hours of hospitality with seasonal & regional food stations, full open bar, live entertainment, multi-screen pre-game broadcast, dedicated security entrance into stadium perimeter and more. As a bonus, the always rockin Earth Wind and Fire will perform for the assembled VIPs. Aww yeah.

· Last but not least - game time. How about a fully catered Luxury Suite for you and 7 of your closest friends on the 40 yard line. Enjoy the game in the ultimate setting while the rest of the common folk is smushed together in their non-luxury box seatings.
Now you are talking about WOW! BOOM! If you have to worry about the price, well maybe this isn't the package for you. But we can guarantee you the folks at In the Know can suit something to fit your needs. The game is less than a week away, so we suggest giving them a shout. RIGHT NOW!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Letters to the Hipster

Got a complaint, question or piece of news you want to share? You know where to send em.

To Whom It May Concern,
You recently wrote an article on Upstairs in which was brought to my attention. My name is Matt Levine, and I own the clothing line, Steelo'.

Just FYI, the event Tuesday night at Upstairs was a private early event, from 9:00 - 1:00 (Upstairs is not open on Tuesdays), that is the reason why everyone left, because I had rented the venue out during those time slots for my Fall 08 Preview Party, as an After-Project Show party as well. (and all attendees had to be at the Project Show the following morning at 9:00am).
We knew there had to be a good reason for it. Thanks for keeping us posted.

An Evening At: Radegast

On a chilly night in early January, DBTH trekked to the quiet corner of 3rd and Berry in Williamsburg to hoist a few heavy mugs of hearty Bavarian brew at the borough's newest biergarten, Radegast. Surprisingly, the place was rather empty when we arrived and seemed to stay that way throughout the night. No matter. We were there to drink and be merry and on those accounts, all was successful. The main room hods the bar and numerous tables for ordering off the proper menu, which is rather small and a bit fancy for our beer garden liking. The second room, which the staff calls outside, is where the main action is. Long picnic tables line the narrow space, and in the back lies the mighty grill, with a grill meister serving up traditional brats and kielbasa. Now we're talking Germany (and other nearby countries too). The important thing to remember is you aren't here to mess around. Sit down, order a liter of beer, and get to drinking. That's what it's all about. The 'outside' is sure to pick up as the temperature rises and the retractable roof comes into play. We celebrate the opening of a new traditional beer hall in the City, and will definitely be making a return appearance.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flyer Follies: Super Bowl Party Time

We were just starting to catch our breath from Sundance when the next batch of flyers started to arrive in the old birdy box. The Super Bowl is next weekend and like all other major events, it has grown to something much greater than just a football game. So what's up first? The Myspace Friday Night Lights party. Yes! They grouped together some injured or semi-retired NFLers, a star of the NBC mini-hit, and the oh so wonderful Kendra Wilkinson to create the greatest party environment of all time! Oh, and don't forget about oh-so androgynous Pete Wentz on the decks. This is an all star lineup that will have all the people going crazy, no doubt. And for just $3500, you and five friends can take it all in - VIP style. Empty those savings accounts now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Early to Bed for Upstairs

Behold, some of the first available images from, Upstairs, the oh so secretive lounge above Cafe Bari in Soho. It looks amazing doesn't it? It does. But what we want to know is, why does it close so early? Last night, Cisco Adler and his band played there, but when they mercifully stopped playing, the lights came on at 1:00 AM and everyone was forced out. Very strange for a late night spot. Very strange. Then again, it seems weird things have a way of happening there.

Is it or Isn't It?

A few weeks back, a reader fired off an angry salvo regarding some rude treatment in the lobby bar at the Bowery Hotel. You can read all about it here. It touched off a rather spirited debate in the comments, with many readers sharing experiences of being turned away or simply not served, even while hoping for an afternoon cup of tea. Other comments lamented the state of New York City, saying "WE HAVE BECOME A CITY AND A WORLD OF PARIS HILTONS. GOD HELP US." We posed the question to the hotel itself but received no response. We may have to gear up for a stealth run inside the quiet lobby ourselves to settle this once and for all. God help us indeed.

Got a complaint or a question? Please do let us know.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the Circuit: Scott Weiland Goes Missing

More postings from Park City, and things are starting to get weird. How weird? Weird enough that lead singers with a history of strange behavior totally blow off a scheduled gig. Let us explain. Velvet Revolver played Sunday night at Tao, though not everyone made it to the stage. Scott Weiland was nowhere in sight and an unidentified gentlemen joined Slash and the boys to sing. The regular band members did not seem pleased with the situation. After an encore of Mr. Brownstone, the singer thanked the crowd for coming to see "Velvet Revolver". Slash reacted by saying "This isn't Velvet Revolver" and quickly walked off stage. So where is Mr. Weiland? Rumors abound - back in rehab, missed his flight, got arrested the night before in Park City - but no one could tell us for sure. We have been checking the local park benches and bus shelters to no avail.

Capital Markets Bring Club Pain

You know how NYC clubs such as Cain and Pink Elephant have been trying to find locations in London? Of course you do. Unfortunately things may have hit a snag. Due to the weak value of the dollar and London's notoriously expensive key costs, it may not be financially feasible to open in the current mecca of international nightlife. According to one Little Birdy, "these clubs and operators have very strong, proven concepts that has a lot of investors interested. The numbers just aren't working right now." That sucks for London and the players, but could potentially be a boon for NYC, as experienced operators and their overseas investors may possibly look for opportunities in the domestic real estate market. Obviously, we'll keep you posted.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

On the Circuit: Gifting at Sundance

We're still hanging tough at the dance, coming through with a follow up from the gifting houses that have become even more important the movies. What was hot today? Would you believe Stereo? You should. Celeb highlights included Paris, Jessica Alba, Adrian Grenier, Alex von Furstenberg, and others. Highlight of the day is Mary-Kate Olsen. Iron Mike Satsky cleared out the entire place so mk could grab swag unhindered. No one was allowed in while she was inside, including tom Arnold, who was told he could not come in and turned away. And that's why we love us some MK.

On the Circuit: Semi Live - Sundance

We made a super last minute decision to head out to Park City, Utah. The town is super buzzed that we made it, and we are going to be filing semi-regular reports from the scene. A few nights back, we happened to make it to a dinner with Chef James Boyce from Montage LA, who served up a delectable 4 course meal to 100 of Park City's finest. Happy birthday was sung by all to celebrity event planner Jessica Rosenblum, who will be launching Pepsi's new Tava beverage later this week along with other events. Post dinner, we trekked over to Harry O's which will become Tao for the next 4 days. None other than Akon, who we had really never heard of, stepped up to the mic and rocked the house. The ladies swooned as Akon stripped to his skivvies towards the end of the performance. Sexy mofo. Other attendees included Ronnie Madra, Simon Rex, and Lloyd form Entourage in the house among others. The gifting suites launched today with Marquee, Stereo, Green House, Hyde, and 5W all representing. Free stuff for important people. Super.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Celebrating the King

Celebrate Dr. King's legacy and achievements in the most appropriate way, with a MLK day bash at Guesthouse.

Start it Off At Sakaya

Our friends at Sakaya want to invite everyone to kick their weekend off with a Happy Hour sake tasting at their store on E. 9th Street, saying:

This evening from 4-6PM 6-8PM, sake sommelier Paul Tanguay
from the importer Vine Connections will pour samples and familiarize visitors with selections from their portfolio of exceptional sake including...

Fukucho "Moon on the Water" Junmai Ginjo - This bold
fragrant sake from Hiroshima is made by one of Japan's
rare female master brewers.

Sato no Homare "Pride of the Village" Junmai Ginjo - From the famous Sudo Honke brewery in Ibaraki(also know for their Kakunko and Yusura nama junmai daiginjos), this beautifully refined sake is elegantly floral with a classically clean finish.
Sounds tasty and educational. How can you beat that? Kanpai!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crashing the Mansion

What kind of music venue books a band for a Saturday night show and then attempts to ruin everyone's evening? Apparently Crash Mansion on the Bowery. A recent visitor writes, "my friends band was playing and they turned the music from the club upstairs on in the middle of the set and then started kicking everyone out of the bar the second they were done playing. was such bullshit ... guess they had to hurry so all the half dressed hookers from boulevard could occupy the space." That's not right on so many levels. May we suggest taking some management lessons from the BP folks at Webster Hall. Those kids can pack in 1000 people for a show and still turn the place around for their infamous Ladies Night. Let's get it together Crashy. Team.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Royal Rumble Follow Up

More from the ongoing saga that is the Tenjune vs Stereo battle, with a Little Birdy saying "FYI....mark birnbaum had a restraining order against statsky. it was comical to see the riff in ny nightlife between the Raleigh (noah jason and statsky) and the Shore Club (tenjune). When will these two year olds grow up and run a company. I guess this is why stereo is no more." First, don't say FYI. Second, thanks for the tip. We have heard there was a major battle for Miami real estate for the annual Xmas/NYE pilgramage south. But it seems it all worked itself out. Or did it? This is so dramatic.

Royal Rumble: Tenjune vs Stereo

A wild story just came across the wire. Let's go straight to the Little Birdy, who says:

a very interesting incident occurred right before New Years, and it has failed to receive the necessary exposure. Recently at Houston's restaurant, the entire EM group was eating dinner. Randomly, Stereo owner Mike Satsky entered the restaurant with one of his associates, and upon sighting Mark Birnbaum walked directly up to him and hit him "open-handed" out of his chair. He then proceeded to put him in a head lock. Eugene and the rest of the TJ managers looked on with shock from there seats while this occurred. After some heated words, Satsky voluntarily left the restaurant. There are reports that Birnbaum is now trying to press charges.

The fight stems from the huge beef between Noah/Satsky and Birnbaum, which I'm sure your well aware of- but I could offer some background if your not. The catalyst of this climatic brawl was TJ stealing away DJ Suss One from Stereo, coupled with Birnbaum sending Satsky texts stating "how good the music is now." Both clubowners are represented by the same publicists (Shadow PR), which is why this entertaining story was killed in the papers.
An open fisted slap to the ground. Fierce. We checked in with a source who confirms the entire incident, saying "it def happened. i thought eugene was slapped also." A double slap? Crazy! First question - why are all these guys eating at Houston's? Nasty. Second - did anyone present manage to get a video of this. We predict high comedy. Maybe we can set up a rematch at a neutral location. Does Touch work for everyone? They probably could use the business.

Stereo Moves to Sundance

After the well-documented and unfortunate events that took place at Stereo last weekend, the entire crew has packed up and moved the operation out to Park City to the Stereo/In Touch/Kenneth Cole house. A reader who got the invite points out everyone's favorite part of Sundance - the gifting! According to the email, the available gifting includes "I-phones, I-Pods, Playstations, Espresso Makers, 5 star vacations, and much much more." Damn! Sign us up. However, our reader also cautions, "for stereo's sake, i hope the Mormans out in Utah haven't gotten wind of their reputation." Here, here.

Beatrice Inn - The iMix

Have you been hearing about this Beatrice Inn place, but somehow never been able to break through the iron velvet ropes? Today may be your lucky day. A Sherlock Holmes esque Little Birdy passed along this little nugget of Joy - The Beatrice Inn iMix, saying "so im not sure where this came from, but the there is a beatrice inn playlist on itunes that you can buy. it's an imix under the name beatrice w12 & 4th. . . honestly, it looks like its reached a saturation point if you can create the "experience" in your own home thanks to itunes. i guess all you need to do is download the album, lower your ceiling, and have everyone smoke in your face!" Exactly. It does seem to encompass the entire 2:30 - 4:00 AM playlist, including the sure to please Rich Girl. We hear that's MK's fave.

Dancing, Dancing, Sundancing

More parties from Sundance, and this one's a doozy. Tava, the new zero calorie beverage, is having a bash at Tao's Park City outpost, with a Little Birdy saying "huge production budget launch of new Pepsi product." The budget is so huge that Pepsi managed to snag performances by One Republic and Keri Hilson. Uhhh. Sweet. Zero Calorie Sweet.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More From the Dance

We keep the Sundance flyer fun rolling along. This one features a late night hosted by 5- Cent and some late night poker. Enjoy.

Quick Hits: Let Us In

There are some really tough doors in this city. Two of the toughest just happen to be two of our favorites. In this very special edition of Quick Hits, our faithful readers ask for advice on breaking through the iron velvet rope.

1. Went to rosebar last mth & they've told me that i need a reservation! I've never made a reservation before (well, they had d&g party that evening and that had something to do with it?) well, anyways.. one of my gal wanted to go & she emailed but never got a response.. so.. what's the secret?

2. Any tips on scoring a reservation at rose bar? They never seem to respond to emails.

3. The only thing that I am irked about is that I have not been able to get access into Beatrice Inn- maybe it's because I've shown up at 2:30 or 3 in the morning the two times I went-but both times me and my two (attractive) girl friends were turned away! What is the secret to that place?!
We hate to see our readers not being able to enjoy themselves. However, not gaining entry to Rose Bar means you are saving some serious scratch. Drinks were going for $21 a pop last Friday. Ho-lee. But as always, it tends to be who you know. Go early on what may be an off night and try to sweet talk the doormen, be nice, and ask if you can stop in for a drink sometime. If that doesn't work, you can always try the direct approach, but we predict a rough time. Do you have any advice? Comments are open.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

House of Hype

For those of you headed to Sundance, here's a taste of some of those over-hype, over-branded events you can expect. Got an invite? You know where to send it.

Noah and Jason Get Sassy

A bit of news from the desert. We had previously heard rumors of another mega project from Noah and Jason at the new Palazzo in Las Vegas. Originally, it seemed that they would try to bringing the Stanton Social concept out west with Marc Packer and Rich Wolf and then attach a mega-club and pool, just like their ridiculously successful Tao operation. Apparently, these plans have been scrapped for something much grander and dare we say, international. We'll let our Little Birdy tell you the rest:

A friend in Monaco is telling me that Samy Sass, from Sass Cafe in Monaco famed is partnering with Noah and Jason to do a Sass Cafe concept in Vegas that is restaurant, lounge, club, pool, etc. This would be in line with comments they have made in the Vegas press about opening a 'vibe dining' concept. Further, the word out of London is that the guys from Mo*vida (the hottest club in London that ripped off the name from NY) are doing something in Vegas, but nobody knows where. Turns out Samy is partners with them in Mo*vida. So, my conclusion is Noah and Jason are up to something big with some major operators from Monaco and Vegas. Not just big, but so big that there is a complete gag order on the whole thing and no info available anywhere.
Well, except for right here of course. So much for your gag order fellas. This partnership represents globalization at its finest, and follows Strategic Group's process of taking on partners to minimize risk and keep their capital contribution to a minimum. Smart move, especially with the tightening of the credit markets and weak dollar, to bring in some global players who have shied away from Vegas in the past. Will it work? Only time will tell.

OMG! Mansion is Coming to NYC

Guess what everybody? Apparently the Opium Group has taken over the old Crobar space and is going to open an NYC outpost of Mansion, their still going Miami hotspot. At least that's what new to the game reported over the weekend. Too bad the yet to be relevant gossip site wasn't reading DBTH back in April and May, when we broke the news. We do give them props for the Eric Milon picture - he's looking fit.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Do you Want to Sundance?

You know we got love for our readers, and always want to help. One of our lovely readers asks, "Hi there, I'm a regular to the blog, and am wondering if you and/or your team is going to Sundance this year? I'm a second-timer and curious if you have any advice?" Wonderful question. We aren't going to Sundance this year, but of course we have heard about many of the wonderful activities taking place in Park City. We will post it as it comes along. Feel free to add your own $.02 in the comments as well.

Do you have a question? Don't be shy! We're here to help.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flyer Follies

Nightclub promoters have always loved flyers as a means to attract guests to their events. Now, they love making one flyer and blasting it out to all of their "friends". After receiving the flyer shown above, one reader has had enough, saying, "Do these things actually entice people to go to these places? She is not even cute. I love that I am 'cordially invited to attend'. Oh, and the computer rendering of the place really makes me want to go even more. Imagine getting one of these and thinking, you know what, I'm going to go to tonight, its just too hot to miss." We couldn't have said it any better ourselves. In fact, we have nothing to add. Great job reader.

Rye at Rayuela

We love to hear from our readers. In fact we don't think hear from you enough. WRITE! Anywho, a reader checks in to say, "Went to Rayuela last night had a really good drink there tonight called the 'rye'. . . it's worth checking out." They mention something else about the food being good, but who really cares about that? We don't need no stinking food. Checking out their cocktail menu, we learn the Rye consists of "guava, lemon, agave nectar, mint leaves, Michter’s Straight Rye, Becherovka." That's a lot of flavors - but flavor is good. We will have to check this out. Thanks reader. Keep the tips coming.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pink Elephant Goes Blimey

The hits just keep on coming. A Little Birdy just hit us on the wire with some big news, saying "David Cabo and Shawn Kolodny are in London as we speak looking at spaces for the Pink Elephant." That's real time information folks. With Bungalow 8 already open and Cain looking to close their deal, it makes sense that the Pink Elephant crew would soon follow. Also, we have seen a clear demarcation in the New York Club world between the global players and the regional ones, with players such as Noah and Jason and the Stereo crew (who have recently been seen in Vegas looking at deals), keeping their eyes on Las Vegas megaclubs and the tourists who flock to them, while the Cain and Elephant team cater to the global scene, of which London is the capital. And Ms. Sacco? With projects in Vegas, London and her mega deal with Morgans, she is obviously the big bird of the nest.

Postcard from Dallas: La Condesa

We get so many reports from around the world, we had to figure out a way to get it to our faithful readers. May we introduce our Postcard From ... series, in which we keep you informed of the most recent happenings, openings, and events in the global scene. Today, a Postcard from Dallas. If you know anything about anything, then you know that Dallas is currently enjoying a real renaissance. Translation? It's hot. How hot? About 61 degrees. Scorching. An operator happened to dropped us a line from the Big D, and we thought it was beyond worthwhile. Operator? "I read the 2007 wrap up and couldn't help but notice you were hoping for some more great margarita places. Well, I just happen to be opening one next week here in Dallas. It's called La Condesa and is in Victory Park, almost adjacent to the American Airlines Arena. This thing is authentic all the way, tacqueria, full tequila service and margarita bar, even an authentic Caesar salad (created in Mexico). Think it's right up your alley." Looking at the menu, this does seem to be right up our alley. And the Caesar was invented in Tijuana in 1924 by Caesar Cardini. How about that? Amazingly enough, they didn't even have to open in a basement. Can you believe it? Good luck La Condesa. Send us some tacos.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blah Blah Bar Buloud

Bar Boulud - Daniel Boulud's new Upper West Side wine bar - sure is generating a ton of attention. Understandable of course. But if you are interested in Chef Boulud's most important project, may we please direct your attention to Maison Boulud a Peking. We may? Thank you. Set to open this spring at Beijing's (Legation Quarter), Maison Boulud will inevitably become the finest French restaurant to open in Asia's hottest city. The design is by Gilles et Boissier, the French firm responsible for Budakkan NYC and the Gramercy Park Hotel. We asked our Little Beijing Birdy for some additional color, and of course they obliged, saying "perhaps most interesting - this restaurant will be located in the former American embassy with views of the Mao mausoleum and Tiananmen Square. And get this - the dining room is in the space where Henry Kissinger secretly met Zhou Enlai to lay the framework for Nixon's historic meeting with Mao." Historic indeed LBB. You are so learned. Maison Boulud will feature a main dining room and separate bar and lounge. So enjoy your wine bar New Yorkers - we're booking our tickets for Beijing.

Looky Looky

A Little Birdy told us to grab a copy of the Sunday Post, saying "it seems they have themselves a Little Bird as well." We spent the dollar, and lo and behold there it is. No sweat off our backs though. Imitation really is the best form of flattery.

Trouble at the Bowery

A reader fired off an angry salvo last night from outside the Bowery Hotel after apparently not being allowed to enjoy a drink in their lobby bar. Our reader writes, "Fuck the Bowery Hotel. From mellow and cool to pretentious and lame. Fuck that place. Telling me I can't sit down and its their policy to only let guests sit. Place was empty and I kindly offered to get up if guests came and they needed to seat them. They were rude for the sake of being rude." Wow. Tell us how you really feel reader. We had heard the same line a few times, but they were always accommodating, especially if the lobby was empty enough. But in 2008, the Bowery don't play. That's two of their three bars which are now off limits most of the time. We'll always have Gemma though.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Postcard From Los Angeles: Villa

We get so many reports from around the world, we had to figure out a way to get it to our faithful readers. May we introduce our Postcard From ... series, in which we keep you informed of the most recent happenings, openings, and events in the global scene. First up, a Postcard From Los Angeles.
Nightlife sure is fickle in LA. Bars and clubs come and go so regulary, it's tough to know what's in and when. Just like the actors who dominate the scene, one day your hot and one day you're not. A Little Birdy sent us a Postcard from the Coast with news from a nightspot that is mos definitely hot, at least for now. Our LB says,

Went to Villa last night, it is a new spot in LA owned by Vinny Laresca (actor from Weeds, Juice, 24 etc...) and Chuck Pacheco (Alpha Dog) also rumored part owner Leo, who was there with Wahlberg, Kevin Connelly and a bunch of others were all there last night. It's a two story lounge, very small and comfortable. Real tough door, I feel like they want to keep it to regulars and celebs.

Nicely designed by Icrave, good staff, friendly and well trained. Overall its a cool spot except for the music that night. The dj was someone who should not be DJing but thats my person taste in music.
You can't win em all Little Birdy. At least you busted past the clipboard mafia. But it was never really in doubt for you. Keep those Postcards coming.

Quick Hits: Weekend Recap

We know you missed it, so we brought it back. It's mofo Quick Hits, where we give you a lot of information at an above average pace. If you are ever in the sharing mood, please let us know. QUICK HITS!
1. In a shocking twist of events, the newspaper has come down from the Good Dog windows. A peek inside revealed what appears to be an espresso machine, so the likelihood of a small cafe seems high. Thankfully, the giant paper maché Good Dog mascot remains.

2. A Little Birdy tells us that Bagatelle, the currently in development French restaurant that will be adjacent to Kiss and Fly in the MePa, has unfortunately been delayed. Our LB says, "Bagatelle plans to open the week of the 14th. Lets see if they plan to open with sawdust still in the air as they did with Kiss & Fly." Let's see indeed.

3. Speaking of French restaurants, we happened upon, Antibes, a new one that has recently opened at 127 1st Avenue. In a shock for the neighborhood, they easily secured a beer and wine license before opening. May we propose checking them out - we love to support the little guy.

DeNiro's Hotel Hits the Web

Newyorkology (via Eater) comes through with the recently launched website for Robert De Niro and friends Greenwich Hotel. Ressies are being accepted for the first 3 weeks of April, when the hotel will then become the de facto home of out of town stars during the Tribeca Film Festival. Glamorous. Metro Travel Guide supplies the rest of the gory details about the rooms and property, including the Shibui Spa that "features a lantern-lit swimming pool and a lounge area". Best news - Ago will be delvireing room service to guests 24/7. Osso bucco all night. That's worth the $725 per night intro rate, right? Right.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Losing the Grain

Just yesterday, one of our beloved commenters asked, "Ok, a bit obsessed with 1OAK, are we? Are you getting paid out of their publicity budget, ha?" Unfortunately, we get nothing for our posts. We have even heard rumors that we are officially banned from 1OAK, but that is neither here nor there. But, the people are interested in more information, so we must provide. A Little Birdy heard that Roy Nachum, the controversial designer of 1OAK, was "posting some pictures from 1oak on his website". It's true. Some very classy shots are available, some of which we posted here. Camera phones really don't give it justice so we are running it again. We really do love this woman kissing bull picture. It's our new background and is so thought provoking.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kissing a Bull

Besides talent, banging DJ's, and overpriced drinks, what can you really expect when you finally get inside 1OAK? How about some creepy art featuring giant animals nestling up to half naked people. Umm, right. A Little Birdy who tells us they have already been to the not yet open club "a dozen times" snapped a few camera phone images for us, reporting, "Attached are pics of the artwork from the Israeli designer. Bestiality is one way people describe his style, while others find him to be a copy-artist. Ever see that huge Elvis carbon copy in the back of Southern Hospitality? That was painted by none other that Mr. Israeli as well." While a bit creepy, at least they didn't cherry pick the taxidermy vibe. And we bet you always wanted to kiss a bull while his buddy got to watch. It's OK, that can be our secret.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cain Updates the Interweb

After seeing our report on Cain's London project, a reader points out that their website is currently pimping their pending opening. Soon indeed.

Cain Crosses the Pond

The folks behind Cain had quite a busy 2007. They opened Gold Bar, signed a new lease for their flagship club on 17th Street, and brought their brand of Cain fun to the Bahamas. Now what to do? They aren't following the current trend of supersizing themselves out in Vegas. What they are going to do is open up in London. That's right, London. Our first Little Birdy of the year reports, "Cain is opening in London. Confirmed." My, my LB. You certainly are sure of yourself. And why wouldn't you be; you have been right so many times before. We will certainly keep you posted as this story develops.

Hello 2008!

Welcome back everyone. Happy 2008.