Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the Circuit: Scott Weiland Goes Missing

More postings from Park City, and things are starting to get weird. How weird? Weird enough that lead singers with a history of strange behavior totally blow off a scheduled gig. Let us explain. Velvet Revolver played Sunday night at Tao, though not everyone made it to the stage. Scott Weiland was nowhere in sight and an unidentified gentlemen joined Slash and the boys to sing. The regular band members did not seem pleased with the situation. After an encore of Mr. Brownstone, the singer thanked the crowd for coming to see "Velvet Revolver". Slash reacted by saying "This isn't Velvet Revolver" and quickly walked off stage. So where is Mr. Weiland? Rumors abound - back in rehab, missed his flight, got arrested the night before in Park City - but no one could tell us for sure. We have been checking the local park benches and bus shelters to no avail.