Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Postcard from Dallas: La Condesa

We get so many reports from around the world, we had to figure out a way to get it to our faithful readers. May we introduce our Postcard From ... series, in which we keep you informed of the most recent happenings, openings, and events in the global scene. Today, a Postcard from Dallas. If you know anything about anything, then you know that Dallas is currently enjoying a real renaissance. Translation? It's hot. How hot? About 61 degrees. Scorching. An operator happened to dropped us a line from the Big D, and we thought it was beyond worthwhile. Operator? "I read the 2007 wrap up and couldn't help but notice you were hoping for some more great margarita places. Well, I just happen to be opening one next week here in Dallas. It's called La Condesa and is in Victory Park, almost adjacent to the American Airlines Arena. This thing is authentic all the way, tacqueria, full tequila service and margarita bar, even an authentic Caesar salad (created in Mexico). Think it's right up your alley." Looking at the menu, this does seem to be right up our alley. And the Caesar was invented in Tijuana in 1924 by Caesar Cardini. How about that? Amazingly enough, they didn't even have to open in a basement. Can you believe it? Good luck La Condesa. Send us some tacos.