Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kissing a Bull

Besides talent, banging DJ's, and overpriced drinks, what can you really expect when you finally get inside 1OAK? How about some creepy art featuring giant animals nestling up to half naked people. Umm, right. A Little Birdy who tells us they have already been to the not yet open club "a dozen times" snapped a few camera phone images for us, reporting, "Attached are pics of the artwork from the Israeli designer. Bestiality is one way people describe his style, while others find him to be a copy-artist. Ever see that huge Elvis carbon copy in the back of Southern Hospitality? That was painted by none other that Mr. Israeli as well." While a bit creepy, at least they didn't cherry pick the taxidermy vibe. And we bet you always wanted to kiss a bull while his buddy got to watch. It's OK, that can be our secret.