Friday, January 25, 2008

An Evening At: Radegast

On a chilly night in early January, DBTH trekked to the quiet corner of 3rd and Berry in Williamsburg to hoist a few heavy mugs of hearty Bavarian brew at the borough's newest biergarten, Radegast. Surprisingly, the place was rather empty when we arrived and seemed to stay that way throughout the night. No matter. We were there to drink and be merry and on those accounts, all was successful. The main room hods the bar and numerous tables for ordering off the proper menu, which is rather small and a bit fancy for our beer garden liking. The second room, which the staff calls outside, is where the main action is. Long picnic tables line the narrow space, and in the back lies the mighty grill, with a grill meister serving up traditional brats and kielbasa. Now we're talking Germany (and other nearby countries too). The important thing to remember is you aren't here to mess around. Sit down, order a liter of beer, and get to drinking. That's what it's all about. The 'outside' is sure to pick up as the temperature rises and the retractable roof comes into play. We celebrate the opening of a new traditional beer hall in the City, and will definitely be making a return appearance.