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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The End of LeNell's?

Some sad news to report. Racked has learned that LeNell's, perhaps the finest liquor store in New York and a Red Hook staple if there ever was one, has lost their lease and may have no where to go. According to Tanya "LeNell" Smothers herself:

Our lease is officially up this month. I know it will take months for a formal eviction should it come to that. Sad to say that the space that we had a draft lease for fell through this week.
Tragedy. There seems to be no other options in the area, and no other part of Brooklyn will suffice. The only possible rainbow in this vast real estate storm is that LeNell's may be willing to consider Manhattan if no Red Hook space materializes.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Studio B Roof Makes People Angry

Studio B (which we all know has some hot ladies) recently opened a rooftop lounge, even though they apparently never had permission. New York Shitty has a real problem with this, stating:

Let’s imagine for a moment that I, a citizen, invited 140+ of my best friends to party on my rooftop (and I have a nice one, btw). Someone would call the cops and I’d be cited and/or thrown in jail.

In other words, it’s a matter of inequality. Studio B, despite having no permission to host events on their roof does so anyway.
It doesn't seem fair, but the party does indeed soldier on.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sixpoint Ales Does Its Part

Sixpoint Craft Ales is steadily growing, expanding it's offering of delicious brews and outlets, all from the comfort of its Brooklyn manufacturing space. Not only that, they are trying to be as sustainable as possible. How so? Jeff Gorlechen from the Sixpoint promotions team fills us in, saying:

After being used for brewing beer, all of our spent grain is used to feed livestock on Long Island.

We buy used/recycled kegs, especially our 5 gallon soda kegs, which are normally thrown out for scrap. We also don't bottle our beer, so there's no wasteful packaging. We fill the kegs, ship them to our distributor, they get shipped back to us, then they are returned to us, then we clean and refill them, then ship them back out again.

We recycle the heat energy from the boiling process of the wort and use it to heat tap water for use in the next day’s brew.

All of our brewers take the subway to work ;-)
Truly great stuff Sixpoint. Keep up the great work!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trophy Bar & the Liquor License

Ever wonder what the process is to get a full liquor license in New York City? Here's your chance to learn. Similar to being arrested, you submit some mug shot type photos and a set of finger prints. For example, the owners of the soon to open Trophy Bar posted their shots on Myspace. The things we do to open a business.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Everyone Gets A Trophy Bar

An invititation came into the Birdy Feeder last week for a fashion event to be held later this week (more to come on that later of course). After doing a quick scan, the location popped out at us - hmmm, Trophy Bar. Trophy Bar. What is Trophy Bar? Well, it turns out it is a brand new space that is about to have its grand debut this Friday night in mighty might Brooklyn. For some additional details, we go to their Myspace page, which reads:

Stay Gold Gallery is pleased to present TROPHY – a unique nightlife destination in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Trophy is presenting the newest musicians and DJ’s from around the world in a beautiful and welcoming environment featuring beautiful drinks and great music.

Trophy offers a selection of 8 beers on draught, a concise wine list, and full liquor collection, with an emphasis on Tequila and Whiskey. The cocktail menu will offer signature drinks such as the Loving Cup, Goblet, Strongman, Bakelite and Runner Up. In addition to drinks, Trophy will offer a light menu of grilled sandwiches.

Located under the elevated train in Williamsburg, the musical rumble of the train and turn-of-the-century construction set the tone for the interior space. Exposed brick, subway tile, dark wood, cozy lounge areas, and vintage trophies accentuate the building’s pre-war architecture. Trophy’s design is a contemporary nod to the neighborhood and its history, and the multi-use space will serve as both neighborhood bar and cultural establishment. Trophy also features a 700 sq ft back garden, which will be used jointly as a sculpture garden and beer garden. Exhibits will change quarterly.
Trophy is from the Stay Gold Gallery team from the Billy, and will feature a carefully curated jukebox, live DJ sets and the like. Official address is 351 Broadway, right underneath the J Mofo Z. Tell the Good Doctor hello when you get to the hood.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer Gets a Scandal Special

Leave it to New York's cheeky bar owners and employees to make the most of a political scandal. Teddy's in Williamsburg quickly tacked up a few signs offering patrons some Spitzer Specials after news broke on Monday.

Via MediaBistro via NYShitty

[Photo Credit]

Friday, January 25, 2008

An Evening At: Radegast

On a chilly night in early January, DBTH trekked to the quiet corner of 3rd and Berry in Williamsburg to hoist a few heavy mugs of hearty Bavarian brew at the borough's newest biergarten, Radegast. Surprisingly, the place was rather empty when we arrived and seemed to stay that way throughout the night. No matter. We were there to drink and be merry and on those accounts, all was successful. The main room hods the bar and numerous tables for ordering off the proper menu, which is rather small and a bit fancy for our beer garden liking. The second room, which the staff calls outside, is where the main action is. Long picnic tables line the narrow space, and in the back lies the mighty grill, with a grill meister serving up traditional brats and kielbasa. Now we're talking Germany (and other nearby countries too). The important thing to remember is you aren't here to mess around. Sit down, order a liter of beer, and get to drinking. That's what it's all about. The 'outside' is sure to pick up as the temperature rises and the retractable roof comes into play. We celebrate the opening of a new traditional beer hall in the City, and will definitely be making a return appearance.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Double Dose of Brooklyn

Those crazy kids at Sixpoint have done gone and done it again. A company rep dropped a line, informing us of a new specialty ale they are rolling out for a limited time. This particular brew was created with a little help from Park Slope's Gorilla Coffee. To the release, which says:

Gorilla Warfare Porter is a silky smooth porter made with 40 pounds of Park Slope's Gorilla Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe blend, a Fair Trade and Organic Certified coffee roasted in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The coffee has winey, spicy notes with hints of baker's chocolate. Combined with patent malt, the signature of many great English-style porters, this is one silky smooth, coffee-rich porter.
Chrondo! The Porter will be available around town for about 6 weeks so you best act fast. Oh, and there is a kickoff party tomorrow night at Gorilla Coffee at 8 PM. Enjoy

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Recap

There were a heap of promotable parties held this past weekend. Apparently they were pretty crowded. In some cases they were so crowded that people that wanted to be in there, or were supposed to be in there, could not get in. Not good at all.

We took a different route. We donned a costume and made our way out to Brooklyn, where a full throw down was in force. Not only did this party have candy corn, booze and costumes, it also had music. Live music. We're talking full bands set up inside the space with enough room for 50 people to dance. That's impressive. That's Halloween.We had a rollicking good time, as we almost always do. Special thanks to our hosts for inviting us.

Monday, August 13, 2007

On the Circuit: The Party of the Year

It has been well established that Daft Punk threw down last Thursday. We emphatically agree. Onward. After the show ended, those in the know headed to Studio B in Greenpoint for the official after-party. It isn't exactly close to Coney Island, but it was well worth the trip. The after-party was put on by Ed Banger Records, the label headed by French electro pioneer Pedro Winter, who just also happens to manage Daft Punk. Mr. Banger, who DJs under the name Busy P, took over the decks after the rare live DP show. Good move. Busy kept the Coney Island crowd moving, and what a crowd it was. The party brought together an old-school mix of eclectic New York - everybody from French house-heads to Williamsburg hipsters to the odd B&Ter. Not too long after we rolled out, the sun came up. We laid down and called it a night. By far, the party of the year. But it's only August, so we still have a ways to go.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Responder: McCarren Park Pool Party

This weekend marked the kickoff of JellyNYC's summer Pool Party series at McCarren Park Pool. A little birdy on the scene filed this report, noting, "things are almost exactly the same as last year. Dodgeball, slip and slide, Brooklyn Beer, food from the grill and hipsters galore. What is different is the heavy sponsorship from Helio, that weird phone thing that is advertised everywhere. They had set up a mist tent, a sales booth, and some other tents with lounge chairs for a few lucky guests. I saw most of the event staff running around, not using Helios. Superchunk wrapped up at 7, and that was it. Energy was a bit off from last year. Maybe the novelty is gone." Maybe birdie. Maybe. Perhaps everyone is just getting warmed up. It's going to be a long, hot summer. Can we get more mist tents spread around for the rest of us? Thanks.