Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween To Dos

A few days ago, we asked what you were doing on Halloween. Thankfully, you have answered.

·Best - Yellow t-shirt reading, “Go Ceilings!!” and a “Ceilings #1!” foam finger. Get it? I’m a ceiling fan.
· Honorable mention - A smurf

· Flavorpill's Annual Halloween Bash - Next Wed and invite only
· Susanne Bartsch’s glittery clusterfuck at Avalon on Halloween night
· A secret Halloween late night gathering - Saturday night and invite only
· The Halloween Shit Show - Gallery Bar - Saturday Night
· Saw IV Halloween Party - Tenjune - Saturday Night
Get the picture? Good. Our friends at the JoonBlog have some more ideas. And everyone - especially Ceiling Fan Birdy - we want to see some pictures.


Anonymous said...

Does no one Trick or Treat anymore?