Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick Hits: Weekend Recap

It's Monday, time for a Weekend Recap edition of Quick Hits. Did you feel that? We just hit you.

1. More tales from Upstairs, no one's favorite exclusive club above Cafe Bari. A Little Birdy reports, "My friends and I were walking past Upstairs at 2:30 Friday morning and decided to see what it is all about. We approached the bouncer, who asked what party we were with. I replied, 'we are the party', which set the bouncer off on some crazy rant about something or other. After going on for a few minutes, he offered to let us in if we agreed to buy a bottle - for $1600! We laughed at him and kept walking." Jesus Wayne! $1600 is by far the most expensive bottle of anything in NYC. And we know he was talking Absolut here.

2.We aren't afraid to pass along this report from Scoopy's Notebook in the Villager, saying "that Mannahatta bar on the Bowery may be moving out soon and that the operator who hopefully will take over the space has a great record of running community-friendly establishments in the ’hood." That's bound to be an improvement.

3. A Little Birdy was at Beatrice Inn on Friday night, one night after being shut down, and seems to have had a bad time, reporting, "the place was way overcrowded, very hot, and every guy in there was rocking skinny suspenders. Awful." To each his own, we guess.

4. Finally, yours truly walked past the San Loco on Avenue A recently, and we are proud to report that they are serving booze once again. Viva San Loco! Viva El Guaco Loco!