Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Hits: Weekend Recap

It's Monday morning. YAY! Time for another edition of Quick Hits. You're probably pretty tired so we will make it quick.

1. It's tough to be the new guy on the block, especially in the East Village Hot Dog war. Good Dog, the upstart newcomer on St. Marks Place, may be done for. A Little Birdy says, "walked by Good Dog late Saturday night, there is newspaper covering the glass door and wall." It was going to be an uphill battle to beat the neighborhood statesmen Crif Dog, and it looks like Good Dog has lost the good fight. Thankfully, their large dog mascot still remains.

2. A very special Little Birdy filed a report from Max Fish, saying "I was just walking out of one of the nasty bathrooms at Max Fish when I overheard a guy in the bar say: 'I would never fuck a girl who peed in that bathroom'. Too bad for me." Yes too bad. Too bad.

3. Finally, a tale from our own weekend. As we ambled home after a evening of food and beverage, we were approached on the street by a cheerful young man from Chile, who was looking for the Beatrice Inn. In his best English, he explained he was with also with a Brit and a Spaniard, and if they would have fun there. We told him yes, you probably would enjoy yourself. Then he asked what kind of music. Rock and roll mostly. Their faces lit up and after a hearty hand shake, they were on their way. How lucky we were to have met new friends. How lucky they were to happen to stop everyone's pal, DBTH.