Friday, October 26, 2007

We're 200! Happy Happy Happy!

Friday afternoon, and it's cloudy and rainy. Don't forget about the cold. Brrrrr. May we suggest wrapping yourself up in a blanket and pouring a full, steamy mug of DBTH? There, that's better. We wanted to take a moment to reflect. You see, this here post is our 200th. That's a bit special, at least to us. It's been a crazy ride. We've made a ton of new friends. We've made a few enemies. We've raised the intensity and kept the love train rolling.

Most importantly, we've given you 199 posts full of goodies that you really can't find anywhere else. That's what were about. Our readers. Our friends. Our Little Birdys. And we promise that nothing will change. We just want to keep this party rolling along.

So please, friends of DBTH, keep reading. Keep telling us what you think. Keep sending us tips, questions, ideas, invitations, Facebooks, myspaces, t-shirts, baby pictures, and anything else you can think of. We love it. We love it all.

You always know where to find us.

Happy Halloween and have a great weekend.



Thanks to EatMyDesgin/Flickr for the amazing picture!