Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tenjune Loves Some Good PR

Indian summer has just ended and the fall chill has just set itself down in Manhattan. Some people love the changing seasons, but not the Tenjune crew. No sir e bob. So what are good club owners and party promoters to do? Plan a party weekend in Puerto Rico of course. So while most of us are enjoying the City the weekend of November 2, Mark B., Eugene and the gang are headed down to the recently renovated El San Juan Hotel for a weekend of sun, sand and private partying. Puerto Rico! Don't forget about the promise of special guest performances and top level DJ's. We didn't. The best part is that you're all invited. Actually, only people who received email invitations are invited. But don't sweat, you can have your own little party right here. They have even taken the extra step of arranging travel packages for invitees from New York, LA, and Miami. Gee that was thoughtful. Just remember to bring a towel.

· Tenjune El San Juan Weekend Party