Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On the Circuit: Surface Magazine

What: Surface Magazine & Marithe And Francois Girbaud
Where: Marithe And Francois Girbaud in Soho

Surface Magazine put on a small affair last night for Marithe And Francois Girbaud at their store in Soho. The event was sponsored by Pommeray with art curated by Sebastian Angneesans for Construkt. While the store was gorgeous and the artwork on display was nice, this party was a shit show. Really. There was one door being used for entry and exit, both of which were difficult to achieve. There was no air conditioning. They were only serving small champagne poppers, which have to be opened individually. That is time consuming. Then they ran out of champagne. Did we mention it was really hot and really crowded? We did.

We moved outside to Wooster Street, where a large crowd from inside had relocated to. Ah, fresh air! The party outside was much better than the party inside, which was fun, but also strange. We're sure this wasn't their intention. We stuck around for less than 20 minutes, and moved this party to better locales. But we're keeping that a secret.