Friday, October 05, 2007

On the Circuit: Ryan McGuinness and Pace Prints

Last night, while the blog set was celebrating a book, we decided to celebrate art. It was a double fête for the opening of Pace Print's new gallery and their first artist, Ryan McGuiness. The party was held just a few doors down from the gallery, and surprise, there was no list. But there was a button. Aha! We pinned ours on and headed inside. The party was a casual affair, highlighted by the kegs of Stella and Sabrett hot dog carts spread throughout the hall. Classy? No. Effective? Hell yes. You don't need caviar and cocktails for a party to be fun. At least we don't. They even made a special button for us (seen above). It really made us feel welcome. And warm inside. Awww.

Anyway, we hear that Ryan's work was a smashing success. Everything on display was sold . We can also tell you the party was a smash, because when we left, we were.

Don't forget to check our Flickr box for more pictures from the event!