Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Pirate's Life for You

They are at it again. The folks from Tuthilltown, New York State's only operating distillery, have gone against the grain with their latest offering. Yo ho ho, a bottle of mofo Rum. That's right, rum is being made right here in New York State. Called Hudson River Rum, it is

a rich, deep and imposing spirit distilled from heavy blackstrap molasses that leaves its mark on the nose and palate. Aged in American and European oak, it is infused with the smoky feel of a northeastern night by the campfire. The distillery recommends serving warm with a touch of cream to ward off the chill in winter.
Mmmmm, that's tasty. By the way, this is an extremely limited batch, so we suggest you pick one up soon, or risk never getting a drop.