Friday, October 12, 2007

Quick Hits: Stephen Starr Goes Taavo in Philly

You live in a house or apartment, but you only stay in a hotel room for a few nights. Damn that's a quick visit. This is a hotel edition of Quick Hits. Do you have a tip or link that may rock our world? Our telefax is always plugged in.

1. Stephen Starr, everyone's favorite Philly blowhard, is reaching into Freeman's Alley to bring a little Hell Square cachet to the Ill D. Starr has signed up Freeman's own Taavo Somer to help redesign his space at 706 Chestnut in Philly, which has been the home of a few previous Starr concepts that have bit the dust. Not only that, but Starr is planning to turn the rest of the property into a very intimate boutique hotel. Wonder where the Wonder Boy got that idea?

2. The Kor Group, the LA based boutique powerhouse, is expanding the Viceroy Hotel brand way beyond the beach. After a lengthy and difficult battle, the company recently got approval for the Viceroy Snowmass. As in Aspen. As in boo yah.

3. Our friends at Curbed don't believe there's any chance that Gild Hall can open its door by the end of this year. Oh yeah? Then why are they hiring?