Friday, October 19, 2007

Standard NYC Goes 2.0

The Standard NYC has been a long time coming. But has the lag time caused Andre and the Gang to lose their way? A Little Birdy found a listing on the oh so secretive aSmallWorld network from the Standard folks that reads:

We are opening a fantastic new project in NYC, The Standard New York will be anything but Standard. The question would be, what is it people/guests like to see at the hotel, what should be there and what should not be there. This is a question for the local NY'ers whom like to go out in the area and for future & existing guests.
Our LB notes, "Reeks of desperation: posting on aSmallWorld - surely, surely they must know what the hotel should & shouldn't be doing, without having to ask a load of trashy Euros, & i-bankers..." Yeah, we agree. Msr. Balazs is a successful hotelier many times over, and with his Meatpacking baby so close to the finish line, an effort like this is a little disconcerting.

We've got an idea for what should be there. An accessible hotel with courteous staff, comfortable beds, decent rates, and a few lounges open to anyone who may want to come by. It is a hotel, which nowadays seems easy to open, and difficult to get right.