Monday, October 08, 2007

Quick Hits: Weekend Drink Recap

It's Monday morning, the perfect time for Quick Hits. The hits are so quick, you probably didn't realize we've already hit you. Damn that's quick. Today's subject, what we drank this weekend.

1. We stopped by the Belcourt to see what's what at the French styled bistro on Second Avenue. Besides the food (which was good), we particularly enjoyed the Napoleon Rye, an all around classy drink made with Sazerac Rye, Napoleon Mandarine, and homemade orange bitters. It packs an orange punch, and went down very smoove.

2. We made our way to the Whole Foods beer room to fill up a growler, and despite some so-so service from the resident experts, we walked away rather happy. The reason? The growler full of Brooklyn Blast, the first in a special brewmaster's line from Williamsburg finest. The Blast is a super hoppy beer that packs 8.2% alcohol. We suggest getting it before it's gone.


justin said...

Blast isn't actually new, though I've never seen it anywhere aside from the brewery before. 4 of those at a Friday night happy hour were enough to keep the room spinning for the next 8 hours or so. Also, delicious.