Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Noble Play List

Noble Food and Wine has been making a go of it since this summer. The restaurant game is a tough slag, so you have to do anything and everything possible to differentiate yourself from the competition. It seems that Noble has gone and commissioned a fancy play list from Producer & DJ du jour Mark Ronson to set the music mood. How do we know? Their publicist told us, saying that "with . . . custom play lists by Mark Ronson, NOBLE exemplifies New York’s downtown-chic style." Now, Ronson's play lists may in fact exemplify the crapiness that is downtown's current style. We're not sure. But we do know that having a CDJ make a mix for you is not going to make or break your restaurant. We suggest saving the money and knocking a dollar or two off those $9 glasses of wine. But unlike this PR campaign, our advice is free. Keep the change.

The Drop In: Spitzer's Corner

We've all had a bit of time to kill before an appointment, engagement or what have you. Is there a better way to spend it than having a quick pop at a local joint? Of course not. Let's begin.

Welcome to Spitzer's Corner, a lively joint that recently opened at the sleepy little corner of Ludlow and Rivington. That's in the Lower East Side. You may have heard of it. Anyway, while waiting for an additional friend to join our party, we happened upon the place and decided to drop in for a drink. First, we loved the front room set up. It's chaotic, it's wooden, it's fun. The two main tables and bar were packed, but there was plenty of room to sit on the surrounding benches on the side. Very resourceful use of space. It took a few minutes for our waitress to come by, but that gave us a bit more time to choose our beverages from the lengthy beer menu. Old Speckled Hen for us. The drinks arrived shortly thereafter, and while a bit too cold for a proper Hen, it was still damn tasty. At $6, also not too outrageous. Our friend arrived just as the round ended. Our waitress reappeared with the bill and we were on our way. All in all, the Spitz was the perfect Drop In.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tom Ford in the Center of it All

When you go out, you wear clothes. That means we can give you a bit of breaking fashion news. Tom Ford, design maven, nudist, model, is poised to open a second store. You can stop guessing which neighborhood because it isn't in New York. Shocking, we know. Anywhoo, Mr. Ford is headed to Las Vegas, signing a lease in MGM's hulking new project, City Center. Opening TBD. Carry on.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Recap

There were a heap of promotable parties held this past weekend. Apparently they were pretty crowded. In some cases they were so crowded that people that wanted to be in there, or were supposed to be in there, could not get in. Not good at all.

We took a different route. We donned a costume and made our way out to Brooklyn, where a full throw down was in force. Not only did this party have candy corn, booze and costumes, it also had music. Live music. We're talking full bands set up inside the space with enough room for 50 people to dance. That's impressive. That's Halloween.We had a rollicking good time, as we almost always do. Special thanks to our hosts for inviting us.

Quick Hits: Weekend Recap

It's Monday morning. YAY! Time for another edition of Quick Hits. You're probably pretty tired so we will make it quick.

1. It's tough to be the new guy on the block, especially in the East Village Hot Dog war. Good Dog, the upstart newcomer on St. Marks Place, may be done for. A Little Birdy says, "walked by Good Dog late Saturday night, there is newspaper covering the glass door and wall." It was going to be an uphill battle to beat the neighborhood statesmen Crif Dog, and it looks like Good Dog has lost the good fight. Thankfully, their large dog mascot still remains.

2. A very special Little Birdy filed a report from Max Fish, saying "I was just walking out of one of the nasty bathrooms at Max Fish when I overheard a guy in the bar say: 'I would never fuck a girl who peed in that bathroom'. Too bad for me." Yes too bad. Too bad.

3. Finally, a tale from our own weekend. As we ambled home after a evening of food and beverage, we were approached on the street by a cheerful young man from Chile, who was looking for the Beatrice Inn. In his best English, he explained he was with also with a Brit and a Spaniard, and if they would have fun there. We told him yes, you probably would enjoy yourself. Then he asked what kind of music. Rock and roll mostly. Their faces lit up and after a hearty hand shake, they were on their way. How lucky we were to have met new friends. How lucky they were to happen to stop everyone's pal, DBTH.

Friday, October 26, 2007

We're 200! Happy Happy Happy!

Friday afternoon, and it's cloudy and rainy. Don't forget about the cold. Brrrrr. May we suggest wrapping yourself up in a blanket and pouring a full, steamy mug of DBTH? There, that's better. We wanted to take a moment to reflect. You see, this here post is our 200th. That's a bit special, at least to us. It's been a crazy ride. We've made a ton of new friends. We've made a few enemies. We've raised the intensity and kept the love train rolling.

Most importantly, we've given you 199 posts full of goodies that you really can't find anywhere else. That's what were about. Our readers. Our friends. Our Little Birdys. And we promise that nothing will change. We just want to keep this party rolling along.

So please, friends of DBTH, keep reading. Keep telling us what you think. Keep sending us tips, questions, ideas, invitations, Facebooks, myspaces, t-shirts, baby pictures, and anything else you can think of. We love it. We love it all.

You always know where to find us.

Happy Halloween and have a great weekend.



Thanks to EatMyDesgin/Flickr for the amazing picture!

Halloween To Dos

A few days ago, we asked what you were doing on Halloween. Thankfully, you have answered.

·Best - Yellow t-shirt reading, “Go Ceilings!!” and a “Ceilings #1!” foam finger. Get it? I’m a ceiling fan.
· Honorable mention - A smurf

· Flavorpill's Annual Halloween Bash - Next Wed and invite only
· Susanne Bartsch’s glittery clusterfuck at Avalon on Halloween night
· A secret Halloween late night gathering - Saturday night and invite only
· The Halloween Shit Show - Gallery Bar - Saturday Night
· Saw IV Halloween Party - Tenjune - Saturday Night
Get the picture? Good. Our friends at the JoonBlog have some more ideas. And everyone - especially Ceiling Fan Birdy - we want to see some pictures.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On the Circuit: Surface Magazine

What: Surface Magazine & Marithe And Francois Girbaud
Where: Marithe And Francois Girbaud in Soho

Surface Magazine put on a small affair last night for Marithe And Francois Girbaud at their store in Soho. The event was sponsored by Pommeray with art curated by Sebastian Angneesans for Construkt. While the store was gorgeous and the artwork on display was nice, this party was a shit show. Really. There was one door being used for entry and exit, both of which were difficult to achieve. There was no air conditioning. They were only serving small champagne poppers, which have to be opened individually. That is time consuming. Then they ran out of champagne. Did we mention it was really hot and really crowded? We did.

We moved outside to Wooster Street, where a large crowd from inside had relocated to. Ah, fresh air! The party outside was much better than the party inside, which was fun, but also strange. We're sure this wasn't their intention. We stuck around for less than 20 minutes, and moved this party to better locales. But we're keeping that a secret.

Nobu Expansion Plans

A bit of news from around the globe. Nobu, arguably the world's most popular upscale sushi chain, is ready to spread its wings globally. A Little Birdy tells us to "expect Dubai, Moscow and Mexico City. All are currently in the design or build out phase." Well, bully for Nobu. A few things to remember is that these are not all part of the New York's Myriad Group, but may instead be licensed franchises. This also reinforces that Nobu should no longer be considered an option for serious dining or drinking. It is simply a place for tourists and expense accounts, and that ain't us.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Remember me? Halloween!

Next week is Halloween. You know that. Well, did you know that this day will forever hold a special place in our little hearts? Now you do. Anyway, DBTH wants to know?

·What do you have planned?
·Which day are you going to celebrate the most, this Saturday or the actual 31st?
·What's your costume?
·Know of any great parties to attend? Can we come?(Other than Nick Denton's - we know and weren't invited)
Please do drop us a line and tell us what you think. Or save a quarter and use the comments section. That's what they're their for.

A Pirate's Life for You

They are at it again. The folks from Tuthilltown, New York State's only operating distillery, have gone against the grain with their latest offering. Yo ho ho, a bottle of mofo Rum. That's right, rum is being made right here in New York State. Called Hudson River Rum, it is

a rich, deep and imposing spirit distilled from heavy blackstrap molasses that leaves its mark on the nose and palate. Aged in American and European oak, it is infused with the smoky feel of a northeastern night by the campfire. The distillery recommends serving warm with a touch of cream to ward off the chill in winter.
Mmmmm, that's tasty. By the way, this is an extremely limited batch, so we suggest you pick one up soon, or risk never getting a drop.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick Hits: Weekend Recap

It's Monday, time for a Weekend Recap edition of Quick Hits. Did you feel that? We just hit you.

1. More tales from Upstairs, no one's favorite exclusive club above Cafe Bari. A Little Birdy reports, "My friends and I were walking past Upstairs at 2:30 Friday morning and decided to see what it is all about. We approached the bouncer, who asked what party we were with. I replied, 'we are the party', which set the bouncer off on some crazy rant about something or other. After going on for a few minutes, he offered to let us in if we agreed to buy a bottle - for $1600! We laughed at him and kept walking." Jesus Wayne! $1600 is by far the most expensive bottle of anything in NYC. And we know he was talking Absolut here.

2.We aren't afraid to pass along this report from Scoopy's Notebook in the Villager, saying "that Mannahatta bar on the Bowery may be moving out soon and that the operator who hopefully will take over the space has a great record of running community-friendly establishments in the ’hood." That's bound to be an improvement.

3. A Little Birdy was at Beatrice Inn on Friday night, one night after being shut down, and seems to have had a bad time, reporting, "the place was way overcrowded, very hot, and every guy in there was rocking skinny suspenders. Awful." To each his own, we guess.

4. Finally, yours truly walked past the San Loco on Avenue A recently, and we are proud to report that they are serving booze once again. Viva San Loco! Viva El Guaco Loco!

Papabubble Parties Down

On a warm Saturday night, with about 70 close friends and family members enjoying themselves both inside the store and out on Broome Street, Papabubble officially opened for business. Just two days late to boot. Not too shabby. The walls were fully stocked with fresh candy, open jars with samples were everywhere, and we had a choice of some bubbly and Tecate for our sipping pleasure. Chris and Fiona, your stateside Papabubble proprietors, even put on a little candy making show for us. Then we got more samples of fresh warm candy, which is pretty tough to beat. Our favorite? The oh so decadent Gold Ring, made by the Illuminator himself. You can ask for him by name when you stop by, which we expect each of you to do sometime very soon.
Check out our Flickr page for some more great shots of the Papabubble Party!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Break Down: Rififi

As promised, we called in a nightlife and hospitality guru to Break Down the asking price for Rififi. Without further ado, Guru! "Check my math, but $72/sf. Not a great deal. Danny Meyer's deal at Gramercy Tavern is $20. So is Batali's at Del Posto. Those are below market. Looking for top restaurant real estate now? $200/sf. $72 is okay, but not great deal for a bar. As far as the $300k key money, depends on what they are leaving in there. Should have no problem transferring the liquor license in that neighborhood. You could do some bargaining and a total face lift and get something open for less than half a million." We like a good bargain, but we love having fun more than hard work. This may not be the spot for us.

Standard NYC Goes 2.0

The Standard NYC has been a long time coming. But has the lag time caused Andre and the Gang to lose their way? A Little Birdy found a listing on the oh so secretive aSmallWorld network from the Standard folks that reads:

We are opening a fantastic new project in NYC, The Standard New York will be anything but Standard. The question would be, what is it people/guests like to see at the hotel, what should be there and what should not be there. This is a question for the local NY'ers whom like to go out in the area and for future & existing guests.
Our LB notes, "Reeks of desperation: posting on aSmallWorld - surely, surely they must know what the hotel should & shouldn't be doing, without having to ask a load of trashy Euros, & i-bankers..." Yeah, we agree. Msr. Balazs is a successful hotelier many times over, and with his Meatpacking baby so close to the finish line, an effort like this is a little disconcerting.

We've got an idea for what should be there. An accessible hotel with courteous staff, comfortable beds, decent rates, and a few lounges open to anyone who may want to come by. It is a hotel, which nowadays seems easy to open, and difficult to get right.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Richie Akiva: Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Just because his much publicized and over-hyped new club 1OAK is not going to open on time, again, doesn't mean Richie Akiva is having a bad time. Not in the least. A Little Birdy dropped a note, saying "saw Richie Akiva at Rose Bar last night. Amazing scene, the place was jam packed with models (the 6' tall, blond kind). You know if was fertile hunting grounds because Cuba Gooding Jr., was there. Anyway, I was expecting Richie to be doing something else when his new club is supposedly opening tomorrow night. I'm putting my money on December... if they're lucky." Don't knock Cuba like that. He is on his way back.

On the Circuit: Hugo Boss

What: Hugo Boss Spring/Summer
Where: 25 Broadway

Fashion week may be way over, but the fashion events never really end. That's good news for us, because the invitations keep rolling in. Last night, we headed to 25 Broadway at the very bottom of Manhattan to attend the Hugo Boss party for their Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Let's just say that the Boss went all out for this one, inviting 600 of their closest friends and colleagues to get down in the grand lobby of an old time New York City building.

The weather was unseasonable warm, so we decided to stroll down to the party. Walking inside, we noticed 4 stations with laptops to manage the guest list. Technology has arrived. DBTH +2 and away we went. Highlights of the evening were numerous, but tops on our list was the Misshapes, making their triumphant return to the main stage from their book tour duties. They were there in force, playing the same songs they always play with little ability to actually mix two songs together. Ah, to be young and over marketed. Other highlights include the copious bottles of champagne, a raw bar, an abundance of high quality passed items, and the overall space, which was divided into the bar, eating and seating area, and dance floor. It was the Misshapes, so of course there was dancing.

We hung around for a good long while, but we didn't close it out. Thanks for the fun time Hugo.

Oh No, Not Rififi

Could Rififi's days be numbered? Is the famous Friday night Trash party coming to an end? The answer, unfortunately, seems to be yes. A Little Birdy writes, "Rififi's is closing! Their liquor license expires Oct 31 2007, they haven't applied for a renewal, and they just got hit with some heavy fines (30 grand?) and a license revocation by the SLA. The cops and the fire department busted them for all those crazy parties promoted by Shaw. And it's been on the market for at least six months here. Where are all the underaged NYU hipsters going to dance now?" Why, they will just go to Lit of course. But this is still bad news. Everyone has had a list "one of those nights" at Rififi, and now it seems this year's freshman class will be the last. And that's sad.:(

More on the listing later today.

Very special thanks to ZackeryMichael/Flickr for photo!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Breaking: Diddy Fighting at Upstairs

You hear something once, and you brush it off as rumor. You hear something twice, and you start to believe a little bit more. Three times, well, that little piece of gossip is almost a fact. So here it goes.

Our old friend Diddy was busted for fighting last weekend. Not very smooth. We don't care too much about the man's comings and goings, so we let the story go at that. But the story has taken an interesting turn. Every published report puts the event at Kiosk, a store at 95 Spring Street that apparently "which hosts social events at night". Uh, we don't think so. Then a Little Birdy reminded us that this is the same block as our old friend, Upstairs, the bar that has been described as "small, intimate and PACKED with six-foot runway models."

Now, we have been hearing from a few very reliable sources that Diddy was at Upstairs on Friday night/Saturday AM. The brawl went down both inside and outside the club, and according to a Little Birdy that is most definitely in the know, "Danny A's trying to blame the bar down the street."

Now that is something that does make sense. Your club's legality is still on shaky ground. A promoter who claims to work parties there is a major DB, and now a trouble making celeb gets arrested outside. This is all bad news for Danny A. But it's great news for us.

Consider this one developing. But now you know why we were able to say, Upstairs is really ou'st.

UPDATE: The Post piggy backs on what we already knew. Upstairs is one dangerous place.

Tenjune Loves Some Good PR

Indian summer has just ended and the fall chill has just set itself down in Manhattan. Some people love the changing seasons, but not the Tenjune crew. No sir e bob. So what are good club owners and party promoters to do? Plan a party weekend in Puerto Rico of course. So while most of us are enjoying the City the weekend of November 2, Mark B., Eugene and the gang are headed down to the recently renovated El San Juan Hotel for a weekend of sun, sand and private partying. Puerto Rico! Don't forget about the promise of special guest performances and top level DJ's. We didn't. The best part is that you're all invited. Actually, only people who received email invitations are invited. But don't sweat, you can have your own little party right here. They have even taken the extra step of arranging travel packages for invitees from New York, LA, and Miami. Gee that was thoughtful. Just remember to bring a towel.

· Tenjune El San Juan Weekend Party

Are You Down?

Dear Everyone:

It's your old friend DBTH here. You remember, we met a few months ago outside the Bowery Hotel. As you can see, we've been pretty busy these last few months. It's definitely a good busy though. We love bringing you the freshest info on a daily basis, and we promise to keep on delivering the goods. No doubt.

But in this crazy day and age, information flows both ways. So please feel free to drop us a line any time with just about anything. We love hearing from you, and want this City to be overrun by Little Birdys. And we ain't talking bout no pigeons neither. So if you:

· Have fresh intel on any bars, hotels, nightclubs or restaurants
· Have a hospitality story to share
· Want to tell us about a great cocktail or glass of wine
· Have a question or want some advice
· Just want to say hello
Just go ahead and do it! We said it! The DBTH switchboard is open 24/7. Operators are standing by to take your calls. Don't be shy.

As always, thanks for reading.



Monday, October 15, 2007

OMG! Ommegang!

Since we enjoyed the Brooklyn Blast so much, we decided to head back to the Beer Room to pick ourselves up another growler (or 3). Little did we know that there was a party going on inside. A beer party that is. The WF team welcomed Cooperstown's favorite son Ommegang Brewery inside to celebrate their 10th birthday. As a special treat, the Ommegang folks brought down a barrel or two of their brand new Chocolate Indulgence Stout, a limited edition fall/winter beer that was brewed in celebration of the 10 year milestone. The in-store sampling party was the first public tasting, and the Stout was a winner. Not for nothing, the WF team kicked in some crazy rich Beer-Cheddar soup and some frites with a cheddar-beer dipping sauce. Ho-lee!. Get your growler while the choco stout party is still going strong.

Mr. Biggs Wants to Get Bigger

A sleepy little corner of the Upper East Village may get a little less sleepy if the folks behind Mr. Biggs get their way. We have heard that the sports bar, who's head quarters is in Hell's Kitchen, is attempting to open a second branch on the corner of 13th and Avenue A in the space formerly occupied by Nopal Del Este. Problem is the Mr. Biggs team has run into some stiff opposition from the neighbors and Community Board, who have little interest in having a maxed out sports bar that is known for its burgers and karaoke nights. While the old Alphabet City would have no interest in a Mr. Biggs type spot, times have definitely changed. Just ask the people who pack another uptown sports bar that opened up a few blocks away.

Consider this one developing.

DBTH Goes Social

We want to know who our friends are, so we are dipping our toes in the waters of myspace and facebook. So cutting edge, right? Totally. Whatever.

We aren't sure why yet, but we try anything once. Especially if it brings us closer to you.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Quick Hits: Stephen Starr Goes Taavo in Philly

You live in a house or apartment, but you only stay in a hotel room for a few nights. Damn that's a quick visit. This is a hotel edition of Quick Hits. Do you have a tip or link that may rock our world? Our telefax is always plugged in.

1. Stephen Starr, everyone's favorite Philly blowhard, is reaching into Freeman's Alley to bring a little Hell Square cachet to the Ill D. Starr has signed up Freeman's own Taavo Somer to help redesign his space at 706 Chestnut in Philly, which has been the home of a few previous Starr concepts that have bit the dust. Not only that, but Starr is planning to turn the rest of the property into a very intimate boutique hotel. Wonder where the Wonder Boy got that idea?

2. The Kor Group, the LA based boutique powerhouse, is expanding the Viceroy Hotel brand way beyond the beach. After a lengthy and difficult battle, the company recently got approval for the Viceroy Snowmass. As in Aspen. As in boo yah.

3. Our friends at Curbed don't believe there's any chance that Gild Hall can open its door by the end of this year. Oh yeah? Then why are they hiring?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rumor Monging

Unsubstantiated rumor of the year, by way of a very special Little Birdy, who tells us, "my boss has a wedding at the St. Regis in Orange County in two weeks. He tried to book a room at the hotel but every room is booked. Rumor is Lilo is having her 'get out of rehab' party there that weekend, and every room got snatched." Take it for what it's worth. It was too funny not to share. Officially, a Lilo get out of rehab blow fest has to be the worst conflicting event you could have the weekend of your wedding. No doubt.

More to come later in the day. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

State of the City's Hotels

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending the Urban Land Institutes's panel discussion on the current state of the hotel market. Why? Well, because we find it interesting. Especially when Ian Schrager's partner and right hand man, Michael Overington and the force behind the Dream Hotel, Jay Stein, are on the panel. While there wasn't much gossip, they had plenty to say about the New York City hotel industry. Below, a paraphrasing of what we heard.

Michael Overington:
At Ian Schrager, hotels are about giving the customer a personal experience. Their hotels have a soul, and design and service are their key to success. The company is currently looking for new opportunities in the City, but the insanely high prices [more on this below] has kept them from signing any deals. Neighborhoods under consideration: Hudson Yards, Lower Lower Manhattan, and somewhere in Brooklyn.

Jay Stein:
We have three star and four star properties. Our three star customers, we could really care less about. The three star guests don't matter. Our four star guests are the ones we like and need to keep as repeat customers. Repeat business is key. People don't want cookie cutter hotel rooms anymore. After many years of practice, we are ready to open big with the new Dream Hotel in the Meatpacking District. The cost of building was close to $1,000,000 a key.

That kind of attitude about 3 star customers drives us crazy. If we pay, treat us right, and make sure we want to come back. How can you trust the same person to know how to treat you at a four star level if they don't know that every paying customer deserves high quality service? You can't. As for Schrager, we don't know if that service commitment means the same thing to us that it does to them. As for new properties, Ian and Co. have always searched for bargains in hotel properties, and they are always willing to go far from established neighborhoods knowing his name will bring customers. But at $1 mil a room, even he can't find a place to go. For now. Lenders are still willing to lend, and with that Marriott deal all locked up, you can be sure he won't be sitting out for long.

Taking a Turn for the Weird

Time for an update from the Grand Street Hotel, the little glass number from Brack Capital. A little birdy checks in, saying "this project is taking a turn for the weird, and seems that this will be an ego play for some over-zealous real estate dorks who decided they want their own hotel. I have also heard they are planning on installing a monster amount of led lights...this thing should be pretty tacky." Hmmm. Or it could just be super green, as LED's can be uber-efficient when used correctly. Either way, it's good to have some background on the place.

BONUS UPDATE: Just for you, we perused Brack Capital's website, learning that the Grand Street Hotel will officially have 114 rooms, and the required restaurant, rooftop pool and bars. That's bars, plural.

Monday, October 08, 2007

We Weren't Aware

Fergus Henderson is cooking on Wednesday at the Spotted Pig. We were't aware of that. Oh wait, we were.

Quick Hits: Weekend Drink Recap

It's Monday morning, the perfect time for Quick Hits. The hits are so quick, you probably didn't realize we've already hit you. Damn that's quick. Today's subject, what we drank this weekend.

1. We stopped by the Belcourt to see what's what at the French styled bistro on Second Avenue. Besides the food (which was good), we particularly enjoyed the Napoleon Rye, an all around classy drink made with Sazerac Rye, Napoleon Mandarine, and homemade orange bitters. It packs an orange punch, and went down very smoove.

2. We made our way to the Whole Foods beer room to fill up a growler, and despite some so-so service from the resident experts, we walked away rather happy. The reason? The growler full of Brooklyn Blast, the first in a special brewmaster's line from Williamsburg finest. The Blast is a super hoppy beer that packs 8.2% alcohol. We suggest getting it before it's gone.

Friday, October 05, 2007

On the Circuit: Ryan McGuinness and Pace Prints

Last night, while the blog set was celebrating a book, we decided to celebrate art. It was a double fĂȘte for the opening of Pace Print's new gallery and their first artist, Ryan McGuiness. The party was held just a few doors down from the gallery, and surprise, there was no list. But there was a button. Aha! We pinned ours on and headed inside. The party was a casual affair, highlighted by the kegs of Stella and Sabrett hot dog carts spread throughout the hall. Classy? No. Effective? Hell yes. You don't need caviar and cocktails for a party to be fun. At least we don't. They even made a special button for us (seen above). It really made us feel welcome. And warm inside. Awww.

Anyway, we hear that Ryan's work was a smashing success. Everything on display was sold . We can also tell you the party was a smash, because when we left, we were.

Don't forget to check our Flickr box for more pictures from the event!

The Wolf Heads West

Wolfgang Zwiener seems to have this whole steakhouse thing figured out.

1. Serve as head waiter at New York City's dominant steakhouse for decades.
2. Partner up with your sons and a few coworkers to open your own joint.
3. Get a killer review.
4. Open multiple locations.

Mission accomplished. But that doesn't mean the Wolfgang's crew is going to rest on its laurels. Two locations? Not enough. Manhattan? Can't contain them. So what's the next step? LaLa land baby. DBTH has learned that Wolfgang's is bringing its show to the West coast, with plans to open a third location on Canon Drive, smack dab in the middle of the Hills. Beverly that is. Ohhhhh! Target opening is late 2008, and the folks at the Palm, Mastros and Wolfgang Puck should take note. The dry aged porterhouse for two doesn't play around.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Button to Ride

Anyone know what this is? 10 DBTH points to anyone who can tell us. More details to follow Friday.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Next Stop: Cain at the Cove

Now that summer's over, those who can't stand the cold are looking for warm weather escapes from mean Mr. Fall. That's where The Cove steps in, luring Circuit heads to the Bahamas with warm weather, beaches, and concerts. Concerts? That's right, Cain is hosting a special weekend concert series, and for the right price you can take part in it. Last weekend was Joss Stone, and up next is Maroon 5. We haven't been to the Cove, and the opportunity to see Maroon 5 in a warm setting isn't enough to get us on a plane. We stood next to Adam Levine at a concert once. That's plenty.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Gilded Age

Jason Pomeranc is one busy birdy. Everyone has been waiting with baited breath for the long delayed Six Columbus to finally open and for the Thompson Lower East Side to wrap up construction sometime in 2008. In doing so, they have let their next hotel project slip right past them. But we can tell you all about it of course. This new one is downtown, and it's called Gild Hall. Located at 15 Gold Street in the Financial District, Jason P. and the crew have taken what is/was a Holiday Inn and are in the process of giving it the full Thompson. According to the website, Gild Hall will be ready for a soft open this winter. But according to us, it will probably a little bit later than that. More details to follow of course.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Breaking: Six Columbus Now Open

Just a few days later than they told us it was going to open, Jason Pomeranc's super delayed and super expensive hotel, Six Columbus, is officially taking reservations via its website. See the screenshot above. This weekend, you can score yourself a King Deluxe room for just $355 a night. Very reasonable introductory rates, but please don't expect prices to stay this low forever.

Fergus Henderson Crosses the Pond

Fergus Henderson, the chef that taught us about eating The Whole Beast, is back at it. The head chef of St. John in London has written a new book, Beyond Nose to Tail . . . , and to celebrate its release, Henderson is having himself a little book party at The Spotted Pig. If you're expecting passed hors d'oeuvres and frilly drinks, think again. A Little Birdy tells us, "Fergus is having his book party at the Spotted Pig on October 10. The night will have him as the head chef of the Spotted Pig, cooking up whatever types of animals he can find at the butcher that day. Not only that, April B will be his line cook for the night." Hmmm. "Whatever kind of meat" is a dangerous thing with this guy Fergus. Ox heart? Pig tails? Most def. The man has and will cook almost anything. We suggest making your reservations now if you want to enjoy this once in a blue moon event. If they took reservations.

UPDATE: Like some other people we know, our Monday morning reading comprehension is a bit off. Fortunately, ours was a simple mistake and not a sign of plain stupidity. Fergus's book party is 10/8 at the Spotted Pig. He will be cooking at the Pig on 10/8. DBTH apologizes for the mistake.