Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An Evening At: mm

About a month ago, we got word that there was a secret club throwing rotating dance parties every so often in New York. Invitations were given only upon request, and credentials were needed. It sounded intriguing, so we set out to gain admittance. Upon our request, mm sang our praise, saying "have checked your blog. you witty little lobster." And like that, we were in.

Like underground dance parties of yore, invitations and directions came the afternoon of the party. A group was put together and plans were made. The invitation called for midnight until late, so we knew that things wouldn't really get started until the early morning. Sit back, it's going to be a late one.

After having a few drinks to get warmed up, we piled into a cab and went to the secret spot, a no man's land location on the west side. Through a metal door of a nondescript 2 story building. Give our name at the door, DBTH +3, and we are in.

But just where are we? The space looked like a VFW meeting house in a state of disrepair. Wood paneled, industrial carpet, the whole nine. Two bars were set up, and the scene was laid back. 3 rooms were used as lounges, with the fourth being the dance floor. The system was loud, professionally done, and impressive. House music blasted through the speakers, and a euro flavored crowd was getting down.

By 3:00, the place had filled up. Every room was packed, and the scene was most definitely anything goes. German DJ legend Sven Vath had stopped by, and since he was enjoying himself, asked if he could get behind the decks. Of course. So he went home, got his records and took over. And with that, the party went to the next level.

A bit later and we decided it to call it a night. Some stayed, some went on to the next party, but we packed it in. Serious kudos for anyone who can throw a semi regular event like this. Who could do it every week? Surely not us. But every so often, it's a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of chasing the perfect cocktail. Unfortunately, that's all we can tell you. Some things need to be kept secret.