Friday, May 11, 2007

Reduxe: 40 Deuce

While the city went gaga over David Bowie and Sting's partnership with Ivan Kane to bring 40 Deuce to Little Italy, we had some other things on our mind. Then we got an interesting email. Says our little birdy, "I am half surprised that it's headed to that neighborhood. i was under the impression it was going to be westside. I knew for a couple of years that they were looking, then a broker i know supposedly found them a space. In fact, there was a thing on it in page six, so I thought it was a done deal." You know something birdy? We remember that too. Unfortunately, the post's archives suck. But we found some text

VAN Kane's Forty Deuce is finally coming from Los Angeles to New York. Seven months after we first reported on the plan to export the burlesque-themed boite, a deal was inked Wednesday afternoon with Sting and David Bowie as partners. Kane is set to take over the space at 539 W. 21st St., which was tacky teen club Crush.
Not that you can blame Ivan and company. We've been trying to tell you that Chelsea is in trouble.