Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reduxe: Memorial Day Out East

The big M Day weekend has come and gone. We are still getting our heads around the reports that came in. But if you happened to be in the Hamptons this weekend, it seems the nightlife scene can best be described as shit show. From all accounts, the NYC clubs that have established Eastern outposts were simply not ready for the hordes that descended upon their red velvet ropes. One birdy in the know says, "we heard people with table reservations waited outside Pink Elephant/Tenjune for over an hour because they were not ready at 11:30pm on Saturday night." Sounds like fun. We know it's opening weekend, and only the best doormen on earth could prepare themselves for the attitudes of those who are supposed to be inside and the begging of those who need to be inside, but it's tough to defend service like that.

But that's why we don't go to the Hamptons.