Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Heading Uptown to Get Down

Normally, we would rather head out of town than uptown. There are always exceptions, and this is one of them. The buzz over Jason Pomeranc's Six Columbus has been building for close to a year. The over-hyped, much delayed reno job has had many false starts, but observers are all atwitter with rumors that the hotel will be open soon. It's time to certify these rumors. You know what time it is. Little birdy time! Give it to us birdy. "Six Columbus is laying down the finishing touches. Look for the joint to be open for guests in the middle of August. Like the week of the 12th. Oh, and look for Blue Ribbon to open simultaneously, not like Gemma's delay at the Bowery." Explosion! That's hot Little birdy. Too hot. Burn ourselves. So hot that we are going to continue to stay downtown. But please, feel free to let us know how it looks.