Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goodbye Belvedere, Hello White Star

It's no secret that Belvedere Vodka has run into some recent trademark issues. We turn to our Importing Guru for some background, who informs us, "basically, Belvedere Winery has sued the importer of Belvedere Vodka, Millennium Import, which is a subsidiary of luxury goods behemoth LVMH. A judge recently ruled against the vodka and as of now, Millennium has suspended all sales, marketing, distribution and fulfillment of orders of the product." Sucks to be LVMH. So while word of a relaunch has circulated, the real question waiting to be answered is what will the new brand be called? The rumor had been B Vodka (terrible), but a loose-lipped Little Birdy in the know tells us, "Belvedere will be re-branded as White Star Vodka. White Star is a brand that LVMH already controls as part of the Moet family of champagnes." We don't drink much vodka, but we guess that works. Give us a White Star on the Rocks. Give us a Dirty White Star. Rolls right off the tongue.