Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Get Down for the Upstairs, Everybody Get Down

Ooooh secret bar. Oooh so secret. Oooooh Danny A. Oooooh how do we find out more. You want to know more? You want to know more? We'll tell you more! Without further adieu, a very special Little Birdy.

It's actually housed in Cafe Bari, in the upstairs part of the resto. The place turns into a nightclub a few nights/week. We were clued into the fact that it was the right place because there's graffiti in the back hallway with a big "Upstairs" graff. Then you go in the back door to the restaurant. Who we assume was Danny A. was sitting there with some important looking people, looking/acting really pissed, reading the Post, looking at papers, on their blackberries. A couple of times he yelled at the waiters - we're assuming because that's where they think the leak came from.
Yelling at the waiters, nice touch. To add a few more details, the space has been long planned and is permitted. Like LB said, don't expect a 7 day a week celeb-a-thon. Danny A. and Co. only plan to let you upstairs a few nights a week. 7-Up? We dig.


guestofaguest said...

oh and don't expect clean bathrooms either, they're almost as bad as the walls

Anonymous said...

the best?? ha ha try the worst. great sources say there has only been 10 people at most the last 4 times walking right in and right out. danny a, where do we start? it happens though, thinking they are celebs themselves and can do everything alone or with 2-3 models kids bringing girls for his clients. tough luck and loose the ego. better luck 7th time around>

i hate the upstairs bar said...

we went to this bar for new year's eve and it was the worst new year's experience that i've ever had. after spending way to much money for a "vip" table, we had to wait outside for 30 minutes, because the bar opened an hour later than the tickets said. then, i was forced to take off my jacket after walking up the filthy staircase, because they had a MANDATORY COAT CHECK in place, where they made you pay $5 and give them your coat.

keep in mind the tickets for the table were $500/person.

we found our table for 8, which was only the small end of a bench with a tiny table. they served us PLASTIC cups, and did not pour a single drink for us. the service was horrible. i asked for real glasses, and was told we couldn't have them. we had to drink our grey goose out of plastic beer cups. the only nice people in the entire place were the bus boys, other than that the service was horrible.

there was no regulation to the "vip" area...so my midnight it was so crowded, my feet had been stepped on 3 times, and random people were drinking our bottles.

having such a horrible experience at this place, we decided to leave by 1:00.

oh, and another thing...they had 2 bathroom stalls for the entire place, so if you had to go it was a 30 minute wait each time.

horrible, horrible, horrible...i would never go into this bar again even if someone paid me.

Anonymous said...

Place was sick...Lots of 6 foot supermodels, celeb appearances by Wilmer Valderrama and Robert Iler (AJ from Sopranos), and great music. I have never seen a better looking crowd in NYC. Near impossible to get in, but worth it. The Vip area is not regulated at all and anybody can walk in/out, but who cares. Great place.

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Adri Leya said...

went there last night for a launch party....i think it's okay for special events but would NEVER go there on a regular night. have you seen the bottle prices?? they START at $450. i died and was in hipster heaven - the only thing missing was lastnightsparty.