Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Glass Invades Thomspon Street

Alright you out of towners, listen up. In-towners, you better listen too. We got news from the hotel game, and it sure seems pretty. According to a precious Little Birdy, it looks like Soho is about to get a new hotel. Says our LB:

A new hotel is being built by Brock Capital (who the fuck are they?). The location is the corner of Thompson and Broome, right across the street from 60 Thompson. Given some building constraints (they can't go that far underground), the hotel will actually have a lobby located above the ground. Guests will enter a glass elevator on street level that takes them up to the lobby. Word is there are going to be some other quirky design concepts. Some subs who are involved in the planning stages are saying that the design is going to be pretty crazy and should give 60 Thompson a run for it's money.
Wow. We had to stop typing for a second to catch our breath. Glass elevator! Where do they come up with this stuff? We predict a 2009 opening. Feel the heat!