Friday, July 20, 2007


It's time for another edition of Dear DBTH, where we do our best to answer our faithful reader's questions. Unlike most places, we're always open.

Dear DBTH,

What is the standard for ordering specialty drinks at a relatively fine-dining establishment? I joined a friend for a semi-double date and when, the waitress came around, one of the girls asked the waitress if the bartender could make her a 'Wet Pussy' shot. I was embarrassed, and the waitress quickly answered no. Shouldn't we establish some kind of system for what is and is not appropriate?
To be honest, we thought that any semblance of a proper upbringing does establish this kind of system. Obviously we were mistaken. But for those who don't know, let's proceed. When dining in any restaurant, it is never proper to order a shot or drink who's name is also relatively vulgar. Even if it sort of exists. This excludes established cocktails like 'Sex on the Beach', which every bartender and waitress already knows. However, if in a bar, you can feel free to ask for anything, as long as you can tell said bartender how to make it. They are, or at least should be, experts in drink creation, and should try to accommodate you. A server in a restaurant should not be put in that kind of position. We suggest being more selective in your dating practices. Or sign your friend up for charm school.


Anonymous said...

what is a "semi-double date"? Does that mean you were the third-wheel?

And assuming the writer is a male, and regardless of your upbringing, you should have quipped "If the bartender won't, I'll make your pussy wet."