Thursday, October 18, 2007

On the Circuit: Hugo Boss

What: Hugo Boss Spring/Summer
Where: 25 Broadway

Fashion week may be way over, but the fashion events never really end. That's good news for us, because the invitations keep rolling in. Last night, we headed to 25 Broadway at the very bottom of Manhattan to attend the Hugo Boss party for their Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Let's just say that the Boss went all out for this one, inviting 600 of their closest friends and colleagues to get down in the grand lobby of an old time New York City building.

The weather was unseasonable warm, so we decided to stroll down to the party. Walking inside, we noticed 4 stations with laptops to manage the guest list. Technology has arrived. DBTH +2 and away we went. Highlights of the evening were numerous, but tops on our list was the Misshapes, making their triumphant return to the main stage from their book tour duties. They were there in force, playing the same songs they always play with little ability to actually mix two songs together. Ah, to be young and over marketed. Other highlights include the copious bottles of champagne, a raw bar, an abundance of high quality passed items, and the overall space, which was divided into the bar, eating and seating area, and dance floor. It was the Misshapes, so of course there was dancing.

We hung around for a good long while, but we didn't close it out. Thanks for the fun time Hugo.