Friday, September 07, 2007

Quick Hits: 50 Flips Out, Grand Street Hotel, Prada Party

Wrapping up the week with another killer edition of Quick Hits. Got a hit? Feel free to hit us.

1.Speaking of the VMA's, we just got our invite to 50 Cents Vitamin Water, Absolut Vodka VMA party in Vegas. If we had any clue how to work this thing, you would be seeing video of the flipping. We try.

UPDATE: We took it Lo-Fi, you can see still motion capture of all of the invite goodness. We are so handy.

2. More adventures in How to Name a Hotel. A Little Birdy checks in with an update from the new glass number going up on Thompson Street, saying, "the hotel in Soho from Brack Capital is going to be called the Grand Street Hotel. $200 million budget, 200 rooms." At least the guests won't get lost when they tell the cabbies where to drop them off.

3. Not tired of Fashion Week yet? Tonight is the big Prada party at their flagship store in Soho, and we hear that oh so super cool and oh so can you please play our Fashion Week party band LCD Soundsystem will be performing. Have fun kiddies.


nb said...

they're not performing. james is DJing per the man, himself.