Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On the Circuit: Hard Rock Hits Vegas

What: Hard Rock Hotel Hits New York
Where: Stereo, West 29th Street - Chelsea

The good folks from the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas brought their show to New York, hoping to say hello to their New York high rollers and maybe pull in a few new ones. We decided to check it out. Uh, mistake. May we suggest not walking in to Stereo while the sun is still shining. Thank you. On the plus side, the drinks were free. The negatives? Just about everything else. The crowd was 100% suits, mixed with 10 female casino hosts imported for the affair. Thus, said suits spent tried their best to woo the out of towners. (Evidence above) The success rate seemed to be pretty darn low. The drinks came in the Stereo's customary plastic glass, and they were passing around some sort of apps. But really, who is eating anything out of that kitchen? Not us. When having a party, it is pretty hard to achieve negative authenticity, a setting so contrived it reeks of contrivity. We have to hand it to them, because they did in fact achieve it.

After 30 minutes, we had seen enough. We bid adieu to our group and moseyed on out of there. You really can't win them all.

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