Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On the Circuit: Animal Collective

What: Animal Collective Listening Party.
Where: K&M Bar, North 8th Street, Williamsburg

Just because it's Fashion Week doesn't mean there is nothing else happening in the City. The night before departing for a fall tour of the U.S., Avey, Panda, Deacon and the Geologist made their way to K&M Bar in Williamsburg for a listening party for Animal Collective's upcoming album, Strawberry Jam. When we arrived, the bar was loosely filled with patrons enjoying the $2 beer and shot special. Choice. But at promptly 10:00, the DJ hit go and the first notes of Peacebone screamed out. Like bees to honey, the bar suddenly was overflowing, with heads moving to the first official playing of one of the most anticipated albums of the fall. The reaction, judged by the heads that were bouncing, was overwhelmingly positive.

After the last notes of Derek, the crowd gave an enthusiastic cheer. We joined in. The DJ then struck up the next track and the party continued. At a dollar a drink, can you really blame it? We said our goodbyes and slid out the front, knowing another party loomed on the horizon.