Friday, September 28, 2007

Break Down: Upstairs Bar Part II

We already Broke Down where Upstairs is. Now, based on a little note we received, we will breakdown why you go there and just how to get in. Let's begin.

Why You Go:
1. To AVOID commoners.
2. This club is for the elite. IF this is you, then GO.
3. The club is small, intimate and PACKED with six-foot runway models.

Those are all great reasons on why to pick Upstairs as your drinking establishment of choice. We hate commoners. But we love you. Now, to the second and more important breakdown.

How You Get In:
1. Call the doorman Wayne. He is black and really cool.
2. Call Wayne at 11:30 and tell him you are Danny A's friend.
3. Tell him you met Danny -A- at a model party a few weeks ago.
4. Don't get a table.
5. Go at exactly 12:30 and you better be dressed HOT and COOL.
6. If you are a guy you MUST have at least one tall woman with you OR YOU WILL NOT GET IN. Two women are better. Two or more men together WILL NEVER GET IN.
7. You should ONLY go as a couple the first time you go.
8. Go in, have few drinks, and then come down later and hang out a bit and get to know Wayne the doorman.
9. Give Wayne $20 at some point.

Lordie. That's a lot of rules. And it seems like an awful lot of lies to tell just to get in to a bar. We hate liars. How about this? You open a bar, check ID's, play good music and serve good drinks at a reasonable price. Then, and only then, we will think about coming by to hang out and spend money.