Monday, September 24, 2007

A Royale Price Raise

Royale on Avenue C had so much going for it. Outstanding burgers. An outstanding backyard in which to enjoy those burgers. Acceptable juke box. And most importantly, $3 cans of Butternuts , specifically Pork Slap Pale Ale, a super malty beverage brewed in upstate New York. Butternuts is one of the few beer makers to use the can these days, and we salute them for it. It is a clean taste, not too thin and not overpowering, despite the heavy malt, and at $3, you knew you were getting value. Until now. A recent trip to Royale revealed a price increase to $4! When asked, a bartender replied "we should have done it a long time ago." Is that so. $3 is the perfect price for a can of beer, about $1.50 over the distributor's price and not so much that you would question your choice. But $4, now that is a head scratcher and enough to have us looking at the menu for a beer pulled from the tap. Consider this developing.