Thursday, September 06, 2007

On the Circuit: W Magazine

What: W Magazine Fashion Week 2007
Where: Chelsea Arts Center

Strolling up to the still under construction Chelsea Arts Center showed a large crowd trying to negotiate with the clipboard cabaret. You know how this goes. DBTH, right this way. Of course. We walk into the lobby and pop into the elevator. It's up to the 19th Floor, PH level, and the door opens onto the party. It's on. Beautiful types and those that work with them were everywhere. You could even say the place was over-flowin. No matter. We grab a specialty cocktail that wasn't that special and head out to the terrace. Views of the Hudson and Lower Manhattan twinkled our eyes, as celebrity DJ Steve Aoki dropped a low key corporate mix. It still sounded good.

As the event wore down, some starlets started showing up. We hear it was Jess Jess and Bon Bon. Don't forget the Calvin designers and the myspacers, the people that really make the week move. But alas, these things can't go on forever. Most of the time, that's a good thing. It was back down the elevator, grab the gift bag and head off into the night. Thanks W magazine. Good job.

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