Thursday, September 20, 2007

On the Circuit: Unforgivable Woman

What: Unforgivable Woman
Where: A private townhouse on West 67th street

Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere. Last night was one of those times where a conflict kept us away from an event. Luckily, we had a Little Birdy to pick up the slack. Attending the P. Diddy/Sean John event for his woman's line, Unforgivable Woman, our LB filed this breathless report.

Packed 3 story townhouse on west 67th street. Line down the block to get in. Serious door and cops. Videos of the UW ad playing around the house. Full-on red carpet with many media. The venerable Aretha Franklin was addling down the stairs as I got there. Saw Fabian Basabe and beard wife. Jay Z and Beyonce graciously took pictures with fans on the way out. Ashton Kutcher walked in with small entourage and tried to find the elevator so he didn't have to push through all the people. Zac Posen and several groupies made their way out while criticizing outfits. Puffy and entourage eventually made it to Marquee which was bumping when I left.
Nice work LB. Sounds like you had a grand old time. We love how you slipped in the Marquee afterparty as well. That's how you roll. Take note haters: The Puffy One can still throw it down. Indeed.