Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Hits: La Esquina Booked Up, Boulud Doing it Doggy Style, The Iron Pig

Time for a very special restaurant edition of everyone's favorite, Quick Hits. If you have ever wanted to hit something quickly, please do let us know.

1. La Esquina may be open once again, but that doesn't mean you can get in. A Little Birdy writes, "What's the deal with La Esquina? I called at 10:00 AM the day you announced they reopened, and I can only get tables at 6 or 11:30. It doesn't matter what size my party is, or the day of the week. They only have 6 or 11:30. Ridiculous." That is ridiculous Birdy. Stop saving tables for your VIP list and let anyone book a table.

2. As our friends at Eater point out, Daniel Boulud is planning on bringing his oh so famous uptown hamburger to his new downtown spot, DBowery. When it opens of course. But friends, countryment, Birdies, please do not overlook the hot dog. You know why? A Little Birdy tells us, "Boulud is planning on reinventing the hot dog in the same way he reinvented the hamburger at DB Bistro. It's going to be over the top luxurious." Luxurious hot dog, that's crazy.

3. Finally, a quick word of good luck to one of our favorite chefs, April Bloomfield of the Spotted Pig, who is stepping into the battle zone known as Kitchen Stadium this morning to battle the Iron Chefs. We would think she would be a natural against Batali, but he is gone so who knows? A burger and those pasta things that are made out of 100% cheese should do the trick, no matter what the secret ingredient is.