Monday, March 26, 2007

How to Name A Hotel

It's time to check in on the hotel scene once again. We head down to Tribeca, where Robert De Niro et al are preparing to open their first hotel. After breaking the Ago news, we have some additional details on the hotel, including the official name. Let's begin.

1. In a genius act of branding, the Greenwich Street property has officially been named the Greenwich Hotel. Again, genius.
2. According to a little birdy who has taken a tour, the hotel rooms are mostly on the small side. There are "a few really sweet duplex suites." Sweet.
3. The designers used hand crafted bricks from a special Pennsylvania brick foundry. Apparently they use some ancient brick making formula so each brick is unique.
4. There are some really cool arches in the building made from said bricks.
5. "It will make the Bowery Hotel look like a Red Roof Inn." - Little Birdy

We assume more details and hopefully some images will appear in the coming weeks. Expected opening is sometime post summer.