Friday, March 30, 2007

See Ya Sacco

Amy Sacco's grip on the NYC scene has been slipping. Lot 61 is gone and Bungalow may as well be. So what is the Queen of NYC nightlife to do? Sell out of course. After recently opening the London edition of Bungalow at St Martins Lane, a little birdy tells us "Amy Sacco has entered into a significant deal with Morgans Hotel Group. She will be opening and/or overseeing a number of venues in existing and future Morgan's Hotel deals. They just bought out the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and the Mondrian and Delano are both opening at Echelon Place in Vegas in 2010 so expect her to make a big splash in the desert."

Interesting. But that isn't for 3 years. Seems like an awfully long time for Amy to sit on the sidelines. Oooh, what's this? A second little birdy tells us "expect something from her soon in the notoriously slimy Miami club market in one of the current Morgan's properties or perhaps the future Mondrian South Beach."

We better call our travel agent.


cbwdeluxe1 said...
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cbwdeluxe1 said...

more interested to see if the morgans can handle that kind of expansion than if sacco can, she's only going to be a good as the hotels she's in. be ineteresting to watch as schrager lets go...