Sunday, March 25, 2007

Karma Comes To Town

As all of you know, blogging about newspaper items isn't our usual beat. However, when a newspaper item touches on one of our own items, we take notice. This is one of those times. Unfortunately it's on a Sunday, which is also the DBTH day of rest (Bastards!). Last month, we pointed out that Neck Face, a guaranteed starter on the Hipster All Star Team if there ever was one, had in fact sold out. While we never support vandalism, it seems that the Neckface/Vans billboard has been visited by the Splasher, who must fancy themself as the Robin Hood of grafitti (Fact: They aren't). Because of the vandalism, Vans has pulled the ad a week early and New York is temporarily missing a billboard. We aren't going to cry over that.