Monday, March 05, 2007

Hallelujah! Clinton Street Accepts Credit Cards

Another glorious meal at Clinton Street Baking Company had a surprise ending. We aren't talking about a Brownie All the Way, their massive brownie sundae that is always available but not always listed on their dessert menu. We are talking about plastic. CSBC is now accepting credit cards, which is great because carrying cash is so last year and their is no better way to wrap up a feast than by tricking yourself that no money was spent on it.

We can now cross them off the list of places that drives us crazy because of their Cash Only rule. The new top 5:

1. Frank Empire
2. Rai Rai Ken
3. Corner Bistro
4. Max
5. Hookers

Now we have to check on that tax return. It seems we done charged too many meals without checking our balance.