Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ago Coming to Town

Robert De Niro's yet to open Downtown Hotel in Tribeca has finalized plans for its lobby restaurant and we have the scoop-du-jour. Ago, the LA and Miami Italian Hotspot, will be occupying the lobby space, and expect celebs and gawkers to make this one the big openings of 2007. The pairing makes perfect sense, since Bobby D and those other Tribeca heavyweights (literally) the Weinstein Brothers were chef Agostino Sciandri original partners when he jumped ship from legendary Brentwood trattoria Toscana to open the first Ago in West Hollywood a few years back.

Our little birdy has also spilled the beans on at least part of the design. Apparently, the ceiling is made of 9 million wine corks. That's 9 with six zeroes worth of corkage that someone had to jam into the ceiling! Our job ain't looking half bad now.