Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In the Dead of the Night(life)

Some interesting developments in the last few days regarding two of the more important bars to open in the last few months. First, it seems Death and Co. ran into some neighborhood opposition regarding its quasi-restaurant service. We've been to D and C a few times, and well, why we appreciate the name and above average cocktails, we are going to give it a pass.

We have also seen Gold Bar go from impossible door to posing for pictures. We admit we haven't been yet, because well, we aren't that hip. But early reports to DBTH are troubling, with one birdy who has been reporting "tons of models, cool space, and the best old-fashioned that $18 can buy." Seems about right, until our resident nightlife expert (yeah, we got one of those too!) saying "They have not gotten any good pr and the opening was not as exclusive as I thought it should be, so they are trying to drum up some pr. Thing is, they usually go Page 6 or NY Mag, which makes me question what is going on if they go to Blogs." I guess they can bend with the best of them.

Well, we like the blog PR route, since you know we are one. (And they love us). But, with Sacco-ville cooked, the irrelevant MeatPacking district, and the Lower East Side's Dunzo status, the state of NYC nightlife is in serious flux.


Anonymous said...

$5 bucks says Sacco sets up shop in good old Williamsburg. Soooo ahead of the trend, ya know?