Friday, February 23, 2007

They Love Him Someplace

You would be hard pressed to have missed this week's shitstorm between Sir Chodorow and the Food Critic Establishment. But to us, a review of this type of establishment is worthless. These overpriced and overhyped Fusion/Theater/Rare Food establishments are not for city residents looking for a good meal. They are for the tourists and executives who are out for an evening and want to be wowed with fancy swords and overpriced beef. For proof, lets head to Miami, where an on-site tipster at the Food and Wine Expo reports "people were tripping over themselves to go to the Kobe Club booth at the burger bash. People here love Choderow, as opposed to his nosedive in NYC." So rest easy JC, there is love for you out there. Just not from critics (the same who didn't like Freeman's, but more on that later).